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Friday, 25 February 2011

6mm Martians now at

Hello Everyone!

The chances of anything coming from Mars are 6mm to one...(sorry had to do it!).



Two new miniatures in the SHM range at  SHM13 and SHM14, two 6mm scale Martians, bulbous of body, tentacled and one with a heat ray.  Only £0.20 each!

Perfect for any 6mm scale science fiction or victoriana rule system.

Go HERE for more information.



Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thing from Abyss and Gecko Guy at

Hello Everyone,

Two new releases in the aspring sculptor SHM range at for you to enjoy.  Perfect for science fiction, near future, horror and mythos these two creatures are assured to thrill!
SHM10 Thing from the Abyss
SHM11 Gecko Guy

SHM10 is £1.00 per casting and SHM11 is £0.40 per casting.  Buy as many or as few as you wish.

More information and links to the USE ME and ASQL game system on the website.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 17 February 2011

5028 Bier & Bones book now Released!

Hello Everyone!

The big day is here and Alternative Armies has now released the brand new fourth book in the Flintloque series for third edition.

5028 Flintloque - Bier and Bones

It's a cracker with all new background, more than twenty nations listed, full rules, unique skills traits and flaws, tables, pull out sheets and more all in its ninety six pages.

If you are a Dogmen, Dwarf, Ogre or Rabbitman player...this is your book!

Go HERE for more information.


Friday, 11 February 2011

Von Rotte Line now released for Flintloque

The Von Rotte Line Infantry - Now Released !!!

The Von Rotte Legion are veterans of the war in Kartoffelburg and the earlier Monich Bier Wars.
Read of their exploits and their statistics in 5028 Bier & Bones book.

52018 Von Rotte Line Command  £5.00 (Three Dwarves)
52019 Von Rotte Line Sodats £5.00 (Three Dwarves)
52514-U Von Rotte Line UNIT £30.00 (20 Dwarves)

Also this is the last week for pre-order on 5028 Bier and Bones book.  Last chance to get the free Promo2010 miniatures, the Bomb Bunny worth £3.50, with your book when its mailed on the 17th February 2010.  Click on the above link.

Free Files Folder for UM003 now out!

Hello Everyone,

Its been one week since released the lastest USE ME rules booklet.  UM003 USE ME 15mm World War Two has been well received and now its time for the folder of free files to be offered to those who wish to get it for play or to learn more of the game.
To get the file you need to go to and click on an email link which will send a message to the company to send you the 1mb file by reply.  Nice and too!


Friday, 4 February 2011

USE ME 15mm World War Two - Released!

Now Released!

UM003 USE ME WWII - 15mm Rules System
Now Released - Only £3.50 plus super saver postage worldwide.  
Fast Play / 1D6 / Skirmish or Squad Level
GO HERE for full details of the book, the mechanics, the postage and other offers!