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Thursday, 18 November 2010

FREE 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures on

A free pack of HOF57 Starfighter Crew worth £3.50 with any order containing a science fiction item from ranges. That's right ten free miniatures! 

HOF57 Starfighter Crew

 To get a free pack of HOF57 all you need to do is place and pay for an order with them for ANY item or more than one item from the following ranges. (A single book, one miniature, a pack of miniatures, a value pack...anything) 

Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction 
HOF 15mm Science Fiction 
SHM Range 6mm Sci-fi Range 
UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction book 
Laserburn Books will automatically add one pack of HOF57 to every order placed for one or more items from the above list of range and products upon dispatch. They will accept any number of orders from a customer but only one free pack per placed order will be honoured. 

This offer ends on Monday 6th December 2010. 

The Festive Season Starts Right Here!

Free Optional Advanced Rules for USE ME - page 5

Hello Everyone,

Another page of Optional Advanced Mechanics for USE ME 15mm Science Fiction.  This time the Cyborg Enslavers get the treatment.  Below is an image of the page, click on it and save to your computer for free use and print out.
UM001 optional advanced rules pg5

The SHM Range on has some Cyborg Enslavers that you can make use of for your games.



UM003 Alternate Cover - Enjoy!

Hello Everyone,

In the previous posting we showed you a mock up of the cover for UM003 USE ME WW2 rules. had intended two make two print runs, one for Germany not featuring that cover and another for the rest of the world which did feature it.
However it has been decided to only supply one print run on the back of our customers contacting us in Germany and from elsewhere who think it is better to have only one run which is all the same.

The photograph on the cover is used with copyright permission from the copyright holder.  Details are in the book.

To this end here is the final cover, enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

USE ME World War Two - Mock Up Cover

UM003 Mock Up Cover

Hello Everyone,

More news from on the USE ME system front.

UM003 WW2 book is now laid up for printing for release end of this year.

In conjunction with O.G. Joel we have developed the USE ME mechanics to make an excellent skirmish to squad level right up to battle set of rules for 15mm WW2 miniatures.  It also includes off table support options plus suggested army lists for all the big nations in the war plus SOLO play rules too.  Play anything from the Spanish Civil War right up to the Fall of Berlin with the ease you would expect from USE ME.

Above you can see a mock up of the book cover, enjoy!


Friday, 12 November 2010

Tabletop 15mm ACW range now at

Hello Everyone,

Some great and long awaited news from for you all.

The classic Tabletop Miniatures 15mm scale American Civil War (ACW) range is now back in full production and in stock under the name Potomac 15mm ACW. This range of great miniatures have been a favourite among thousands of wargamers for many years and as a result of many requests we have brought it back to the market.
A4 Union Infantry Command

AC8 Confederate Cavalry Command

AC13 General Lee

AG1 Foot Artillery Crew (Union Uniforms)

AG3 Limber Set

AG12 Whitworth Gun
The range includes Infantry, Cavalry, Command and Artillery with Union, Confederate and speciality troops all represented in forty six  different codes. And we do mean see the whole range as every single code is pictured online expertly painted by David Sheppard.

Every code is online as a Single Miniature or small command set so you can purchase exactly what you need from us.  Excellent Value. Suitable for use with any 15mm scale ACW game system.

Go HERE to see the whole range and to learn more.

Thanks for Reading! 
Alexander Scott

Monday, 8 November 2010

USE ME World War Two in the works!

Hello Everyone,

As those who read this esteemed blog will know USE ME 15mm Science Fiction has spawned a High Fantasy version which will soon be with us all.  However this is not all that is in the works, there is another version of USE ME which will be making an appearance soon too.
I have been working on USE ME WW2, in conjunction with Omer Golan-Joel a fantastic fellow with a real feel for the more modern historical periods in wargaming.

This version of the USE ME engine will be skirmish and battle level and will allow players to fight out anything from the Invasion of Poland (or even the Spanish Civil War) right up to the fall of Berlin.
More details to come but this is an exciting development...a set of WW2 15mm rules in your pocket for less than four pounds; now that is something!


Friday, 5 November 2010

56537 Dog Engineers Set now Released!!!

Hello All!

The third release in the Autumn 2010 schedule for Alternative Armies is one for fans of the Flintloque expansion book Grapeshotte and also Slaughterloo.  The engineers are here and the sappers too for the Dogmen.  Enjoy and go along to the Alternative Armies website, the new releases page this month or search for 56537.  Read on in this post for more information plus hi-rez images of this great of my favourites of the year.
Additionally there are serveral parts of this set which can be purchased as single items to expand your siege or baggage train.  To view them go along to the website and search by code:

56537-A  Mounted Dogman Engineer
56537-B  Baggage Horse
56537-C Scenic Item (Bombs & Barrel)
Thanks for Reading!

56537 Dog Engineers Set
56537 Dog Engineers
8 White Metal Miniatures

This versatile set contains one mounted Dogman Engineer Officer on Horse, one fully laden Pack Horse, one Scenic Item (case of bombs with powder barrel and rope) and four Dogmen sappers on foot.  Those on foot comprise Dogman with wooden planks and separate mallet, Dogman with mucky shovel, Dogman carrying a Barrel and Dogman with cannonball and pistol. Plastic Bases included.

Full rules for the creation and use of Engineers and Sappers in Flintloque can be found in 5027 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Grapeshotte book.

The Empire of Ostaria has been at war with the Elves of Armorica since the times of blackpower began in earnest.  While soldiers and cannon are vital to this effort it cannot be said enough that the means of war depends on the engineers.  From building bridges to blowing them up, digging trenches and laying mines, repairing and commissioning fortresses and castles these are all essential to winning campaigns especially against the Ferach Empire.   When engineers are on the gaming table it calls for a scenario involving these elements which makes for a different and exciting game of Flintloque or Slaughterloo.

Ostarian Corps of Engineers and Miners  
There are a great number of specialised troops in the Ostarian Empire divided into four directories each with its own command structure. These are the Engineers, the Sappers, the Miners and the Fortress corps. Each operates on its own supplying troops where needed. They all have a good reputation. The structure of the directories is vast and too complex to give in detail but typically it is broken down and assigned by brigade to a senior officer to make use of as they see fit. A specialist battalion consists of several companies of one hundred sappers from the rank of private to colonel. Or ten to fifteen qualified engineers ranging from a master down to newly transferred junior at the rank of lieutenant.

The uniforms vary but in most cases they are almost the same as regular line infantry uniforms which can lead to confusion. It consists of a white tunic, sky blue or white trousers, a black shako, and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are green. Equipment is black and equipment straps are white leather.

Finklestein Engineers and Sappers
While the Ostarian Empire has one of the largest contingents of miners, sappers and engineers on all of Valon the same cannot be said for the multitude of little Dogmen states that make up their part of the Confederation of Finklestein.  Lacking academies and schools for these most technical skills the little states had to resort to other means to get the expertise that they needed.  Those other means were bribery, robbery and kidnapping.  Luring Ostarian deserters with the needed skills who had fled to join the Elves or to escape their mad own Emperor was easy enough with coin and other wares and the few really specialised persons needed (such as the Baron Von Kibble) were snatched from Ostaria and made to work in chains. 

Every Finklestein state has a small number of these specialised troops attached to those formations who have need of them.  They are seldom more than a few dozen in number with one or two professional Engineers leading the Sappers and Miners into the fray.   The uniforms of the Finklestein Dogmen who act as Engineers and Sappers are virtually identical to those on the Ostarian Empire and there is a good reason for this...they are the same bloody uniforms worn by traitors!  Some formations have changed their facing colour to orange instead of green but this is only in areas where its possible Ostarian troops will be on the field.

56537-A Mounted Dog Engineer Officer
1 Mounted Dogman
This pack contains a mounted Dogman officer (two pieces) of the Engineers taken from 56537 Dogmen Engineers set. A useful and versatile miniature that can be used in any Ostarian or Confederation of Finkestein force.

56537-B Ostarian Pack Horse
1 Laden Horse
This pack contains one pack horse loaded down with packs, barrels, blankets and more.  It is taken from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set. Perfect as a scenario objective or to expand your siege train or baggage train.

56537-C Bombs and Barrel
1 Scenic Item 
This pack contains one white metal scenic item taken from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set.
It is really useful as a scenario objective, marking the spot of a mine, a pile of explosives and more.

LE044 Major Blucky O'Hare now Released!

Hello Everyone,

The second of the Alternative Armies autumn 2010 releases for the World of Valon (Flintloque the Skirmish and Slaughterloo Mass Battle systems) is now out and about for your pleasure!   Read on and learn all about LE044 and see a couple of hi-rez images too.  For more information go to the Alternative Armies website to the new releases page this month or search for LE044. 

Thanks for reading!


The first limited edition for the rapidly expanding (or should that be breeding like) Rabbitmen of Burrovia reluctant allies of the Ferach Empire.  When the opening came up for planning limited code number forty four the choices were from among the newer races like the Burrovians, the Diberians and the Trolkin.  While at the time of writing the Trolkin are not yet with us as gamers the Burrovians most certainly are with their own line, light, cavalry and commander to choose from for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  So, which bunny is it for the melting had to be the most infamous officer from the Slaughterloo Army Book one Major Blucky O'Hare.  Perfect to lead your burgeoning burrovian battalions.

LE044 Blucky O'Hare
This code is limited to one thousand numbered packs only and is supplied in a blister containing the white metal miniature and plastic base.

Fighting is a way of life when your life is as hard as that of Major Blucky O’Hare.  One of a large family of Burrovians the young Blucky was sent off to the navy when it became clear that his mother could no longer manage to feed and clothe him.  The Hydrax Bunnus, the navy of the Burrovian Republique, was at that time undergoing a massive expansion and was seeking talented young ratings for adventure.  In the times following the annulment of Wylde Magicke the Burrovians forged a large empire across the remotest realms of Valon and this empire needed to be protected from pirates, natives and even other Uropean powers.  It was into this maelstrom of sea conflicts that Blucky O’Hare found himself thrown into. 

Working his way up the ranks Blucky gained the captaincy of his own ship the Riotous Conflagration (he has a habit of setting fire to prizes instead of capturing them) where he then set about earning a growing reputation.  No one event established him as a hero of the bunny folk as much as the destruction of the corsair island stronghold called ‘The Connflex Isle’ run by the notorious Nepolise Marshall De Warte.  De Warte a Todoroni of extreme ugliness run an operation of extortion and conquest with more than three hundred Todoroni corsairs of his Storme Todos.  From the island De Warte sank and stole dozens of Burrovian vessels and raided half a dozen ports with his flotilla.  Blucky with his loyal and slightly deranged crew who included the slightly Magicke creature Babarosser, a large hairy ape fellow, and Lieutenant Hundstarre a renegade Ostarian Dogman who joined the Hydrax Bunnus assaulted the corsair island.  Through a hail of fire the crew of the Riotous Conflagration shot down dozens of Todoroni and eventually Blucky in a one on one brawl with Marshal De Warte killed the evil Toad and broke the will of the remaining corsairs.  Reported in every broadsheet across Urop it made Blucky a hero for law and order.

When the Ferach Empire annexed Burrovian and ‘invited’ her people to join as a willing ally of the Empire the majority of the Hyrax Bunnus was either surrendered to the Elves or sank by the Royul Navye of Greate Britorcn.  Blucky O’Hare took the opportunity to leave the navy and take the rank of Major in the Burrovian Army.  His fame assured his rank and an active posting along with being able to retain those of his former crew such as Babarosser and Hundstarre who were expert fighters on land or water.

As part of the Grande Armee du Norde the now major Blucky O’Hare marched off with the rest of the 6th Flopsea regiment for the Witchlands.  Through endless miles of snow and attacks by rebel Werewolves and then the Undead it began to dawn on the major that perhaps his people might only survive the Mordredian Wars if they managed to throw off the yoke of Ferach lordship.   Now Blucky along with about thirty other veterans are making the long march back to Diberia, all the while fighting a rearguard action against the Undead.  His mastery of fire and his fearsome combat abilities have made him an excellent Zombie hunter; skills that have come in handy time and time again.

Uniform Details
The Major’s uniform consists of a dark blue tunic, white breeches, a dark blue cloak and headband.  Gloves and facings are white along with a tricolour rosette on the headband.  His fur is light brown and he, like all Burrovians, wears no shoes or boots.  He has a golden star on the back of his cloak.

Flintloque Rules
When fielding Major Blucky O’Hare in Flintloque he is treated as a Rabbitman (Little) of experience rating Veteran, Light Infantry type and Elite.  He is armed with a Sword and a Hareian Pistol (5027 pg41).  He is a true Hero and as a result he is an exceptional leader with the Improve Command (2) skill and Alert skill, he has the Natural Leader trait and the Steadfast trait too.   He suffers from the Foul Temper flaw but possesses the Wylde Magicke talent Create Fire (potent).  When fighting against an Undead type character he gains a +5% to all ranged fire and an additional +1 in all Melee rolls too.  He costs 71 Points with these abilities.

Slaughterloo Rules

‘Hop to It!’: Major O’Hare is one for rousing speeches and as a result he is able to make his soldiers perform real leaps of movement, while Rabbitmen bounce more than walk they normally cannot jump far.  Blucky may once per Turn move his Unit 10cm in a single jump, this is included in the Units normal Movement Value, but allows the Unit to leap over small items of rougher terrain and streams etc. If the leap ends in rough terrain etc then any remaining movement is subject to the usual penalties.  He may command any Line, Militia or Light infantry unit of Burrovian Rabbits.

VLE10 Uncle Rogipoos Set - Now Released!

Hello Everyone,

The first of the World of Valon Autumn 2010 releases for you to look over and drool!  These are high rez images and all the information for the code is in this posting so read on.  To see this release go to Alternative Armies website and search for VLE10 or this month check out the new releases page.  

Thanks for Reading! 


VLE10 Uncle Rogipoos Set

This code is limited to only 250 packs before the master and molds are destroyed. Supplied with numbered insert containing optional rules and uniform guide. This tenth code in the Very Limited Edition range is, like the others, limited to 250 numbered packs only. The pack contains three white metal one piece miniatures in 28mm scale.  An Orc Officer, an Armidillo and a female Orc nurse. Perfect for many scenarios and a character addition to your Orcish army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Plastic bases supplied.

Uncle Rogipoos
Whenever the "Cornetto Raid" is mentioned the name of Uncle Rogipoos always comes to mind. His father, the Umpteenth Lord Willorcs of Coldgood, his mother the daughter of the famous clan-rat chief Lord Gorge Gordon. His mother was rather disappointed that neither he, nor his brother Crustyforc displayed any signs of their rat ancestry. Educated in Joccia, Rogipoos showed a talent for languages, history and culture. It was at school that he met his great friend Harry Oliphaunt who has shared many adventures with Rogipoos.  On leaving school Rogipoos and Harry embarked on "The Grand Tour" visiting most of the countries of Urop and Aegypt. During this time they saw the great sites of anitquity, ate interesting food and shared several adventures. At times during the trip the friends were in peril of their lives. Once in Isstanbal, where a misunderstanding caused them to stray into the Sultan`s harem, and in Lyonesse where only Rogipoos` quick thinking saved them both from the guillotine.

Rogipoos obtained a commission with the 45th Foot and served with distinction in the Kooruna campaign gaining the M.C. (Medal for Craziness), Emperor Mordred`s purple silk combinations, an armadillo, the Eagle of the 4th "Sant-Ders" dragoons, his horse "Cocoa" (also "borrowed" from Col. Sant Ders), and the hand of Alisorc, daughter of the Duke of Oldcastle. Rising to captain`s rank Rogipoos was named "Uncle" by the troops because of his care towards them, and "Crazy" because of his sometimes unorthodox tactics, was made a.d.c. to Surjon Moore.

When the army returned to Catalucia Rogipoos, now a major, was appointed to the staff partly because he was the only orc who could understand what his uncle General Hamish Gordon was saying. During this time he became friends with a hussar officer, Johnny (Later Lord) Rorcchester who taught him how to become a deadly shot with a pistol and a skilled swordsman.  After Tarrenvera and his father`s death "Crazy old uncle Rogipoos" returned to Albion becoming the Twelvetieth Lord Coldgood and Colonel of the illustrious "Robbyng Hoodie" Fencibles which he led on the famous "Cornetto Raid". It was here that he captured Col. Leonardo Di Pizza of the Neapolise Regimente Gelato. Held on parole at Willorcs Hall Leonardo has become a close family friend.

Although sometimes called to the House of Lorcs, Rogipoos is still on hand when his country calls for him. His life is not all action. Rogipoos enjoys wearing slippers, drinking cocoa, eating ginger buscuits, walking Jose his armadillo, and a flagon of "Pongo" at "The Willorcs arms". He also has a considerable library and collection of small metal soldiers. Rogipoos interest in tecnology has resulted in his home Willorcs Hall  When in Londinium he may be found at his club, "The Notables" where he enjoys the fine food and wines, the "Salon de Flintloque" and is a skilled player of "Whacky Families" at the card table.  Huzzah! 

When playing Uncle Rogipoos in Flintloque he is treated as an Albion Orc of Regular / Elite type of experience rating Legendary. He is armed with a sword of exquisite quality and a standard pistol.  He is a rum fellow and quite prone to acts of extreme oddness and bravery making him a natural leader. This instils his troops (when he goes on activate campaign in Catalucia) with a great love for him.  As a result each turn he may remove 1D3 of Shaken Tokens from any friendly characters within his line of sight including himself.  He is an expert duellist and gains the ‘Duellist Skill’ (5025 pg52) he also has the ‘Stealth Skill’ (5025 pg52) due to his love of slippers as footwear.  His Joccian ancestry gives him the trait ‘Massive Jamminess’ (5025 pg53) and ‘Head Butt’ (5025 pg58).   Having travelled extensively Uncle Rogipoos is well known to thousands of friendly and enemy soldiers from lowly privates to field marshals.  Once per scenario he may call out to any enemy character within 20cm with a huzzah and well met sir.  Both players roll 1D10 with Uncle Rogipoos adding a +2 to his roll.  If he wins the roll then that character recognises him as an old friend and will not attack him in any way for the rest of the game.  If the roll is lost play continues and Uncle Rogipoos was mistaken. His love of Jose and of the Big Nurse will result in an automatic shaken token which cannot be removed with his special skill and must be dealt with normally.  With this profile he costs 102 Points. His uniform is a dark blue jacket, sky blue breeches, black bicorne with all braid and facings bright white and gold detailing.  He wears pink slippers and carries a white coco mug with black detailing.  His sword scabbard is black and his bicorne has a white plume.  His flesh tone is darker then the average Orc due to his extensive adventures in the hot sun.

Jose the Armidillo.
 Jose appears, to those who can actually see him, to be a prime specimen of Armadillus Magnus Invisiblus. This large breed of armadillo are known not only for their size and intelligence, but also their mastery of camouflage which can make them invisible to the untrained eye. Their claws used for digging are also formidable weapons.

Jose and Uncle Rogipoos met in Catalucia. Guided by the voice inside his head that had first made him smuggle himself aboard a Urop bound ship, Jose entered a tent where an officer, his head bandaged, lay on a camp bed. The armadillo was surprised when the orc saw him and said "Hello". From that moment they have become inseparable. The voice of Monty Zoomer the Swift and Wise, Seer of Armajualpadillo, had brought Rogipoos and Jose together.  A cheerful armadillo, Jose enjoys his friends` company and would protect Rogipoos and Lady Alisorc with his life if he had to. On one occasion Jose helped Rogipoos escape the clutches of the Ferache Col. Sant-Ders  by cutting his bonds with his razor sharp claws.

Outwardly Jose is an ordinary large armadillo who enjoys chasing a ball, cuddling his stuffed toy orc, chasing butterflies and playing with the hedgehogs and red squirrels in the park of Willorcs Hall. However, he has found that "his" orc can understand a variety of words of armadillo (Squeekalotl) and armadillish body language (posealotl).   Curled up in his bed beside that of Uncle Rogipoos Jose dreams of walking upright in a city of magnificent ant and termite pyramids, riding llamas and flamingoes, drinking cocoalatl whilst clad in robes of cotton and brightly hued parrot feathers, and rings of gold. Dreams of weilding a mighty hardwood and obsid-yan "Maccuitiml" sword. Dreams of the time of Armajualpadillo, the golden God Emperor Armajualpadillo. Thr times of his ancestors, which, according to the wise Monty Zoomer, will one day return.

When playing Jose the Armadillo in Flintloque he is treated as a Dodo for movement, wounds and melee modifier.  He has two special skills the first being his natural armour.  Jose has a Toughness of 5 in melee but for ranged fire his toughness is treated as a mighty 7 as his scales will deflect most smaller bullets and shrapnel that comes his way.  His other skill is that of being from the species Armadillus Magnus Invisiblus, he may become invisible for short periods of time.  Once per game Jose may declare himself invisible, remove the miniature from the table and replace with a marker.  He may move, attack and so on for the next two turns but his movement must be written down by the controlling player using the placed marker as a starting point.  For the sake if simplicity Jose cannot be affected by ranged fire while invisible UNLESS its artillery fire using caseshotte or grapeshotte in which case check if he is in the line of fire and work out as normal.  Any melee attacks made by Jose in that state may be replied to but the defender has an additional -2 for the attack.  Josse never takes a Shaken Token for any reason.  As a follower of Armajualpadillo he may once per game make a Magicke attack with the statistics and range of a standard blunderbuss.  If Uncle Rogipoos is killed then Jose will immediately turn invisible (if able) and flee off the nearest table edge.  With this profile he costs 45 Points.  Jose wears no uniform (duh!) but his colouration is that of an Armadillo ,dark brown scales with lighter brown highlights.  His legs have black spots and his claws are white.

The Big Nurse.
"Nursie", as she is often known, was born the daughter of a soldier and his she-orc. As she grew she learned to read and write and followed the army where she soon became used to the sight of battlefield injuries. A formidable lass she was soon noticed by the regimental surgeon fore her nursing skills.  A good right hook from "That Big Nurse", as the soldiers called her, was effective anaesthetic for those about to undergo surgery. Her "no nonesence" approach at sick parade soon sorted out malingerers. Persistent offenders were soon treated to her "Oh, I can see you aren`t at all well, what you need is this!" At this point she would uncover a huge syringe with a very nasty needle!

"Right, trousers, down bend over, this won`t hurt a bit!" Usually this restored even those who claimed to be at death’s door to rude health instantly! 

The "this won`t hurt a bit" bit was a total fib as those too slow on their feet discovered! Ouch! That stings!

For the truly ill her amazing "jollop", which looks and smells like honey but tastes absolutely terrible, usually does the trick. Especially if followed by a large mug of cocoa.

She has become the Willorcs family health care specialist and was responsible for encouraging Florcance Songbird and Murky Seacold to take up the nursing profession.

In years to come "The Big Nurse" will be seen as one of the founders of modern medicine. Huzzah! 

In Flintloque the Big Nurse is treated as an Albion Orc of Regular type and experience rating Average armed with her burly fists, feminine charm and a ruddy great syringe of Jollop.  She must remain within 15cm of Uncle Rogipoos at all times and while she can fight (she has the skill ‘Brawler’ 5025 pg52) she much prefers to heal the malingerers (she means the Sick!).  Once per turn she may use the syringe of Jollop (if within 5cm of the character) to restore ONE WOUND to them; this may not take them above their maximum original number of wounds.  She may also use a second lot of ‘drainpipe jollop’ on enemy characters in the same fashion which automatically reduces them to a prone vomiting mess for 1D3 turns upon a successful melee attack.  With this profile she costs 39 Points.  Her uniform is a right carry on and is composed of a dark blue dress with white apron and headwear (which has a red cross upon it), she has black boots and her syringe is gun metal in colour.

In Slaughterloo the entire VLE10 set of three miniatures is deployed as one entity using the special rules presented here.

Jollop, Jam and Japes!:  Adding these three to any Albion Orc or Joccian Ratman unit of Line or Militia troops gives a bonus as follows.  The Form rating of the unit is increased by +1, the unit may increase its Defence Factor rating by +1 for one named turn and each time a miniature is removed from the unit roll 1D6 on a result of 6 the Jollop has restored them to health and the miniature is not removed.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy laid up for printing

UM002 Cover

Hello Everyone,

Some news from on the next title in the USE ME (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements) system range.   As already announced on the blog the next title will be UM002 a High Fantasy 15mm version of the rules. This is a very exciting development as USE ME 15mm Science Fiction has become the fastest selling title has released in the last two years and many gamers have asked for a Fantasy version of the rules that could do all they needed.

While more information will be out at the time of release later this year I can say that UM002 is now complete and laid up for printing.  You can see the cover of the book in this posting. This version of USE ME covers Skirmishes, Battles, Campaigns and also includes much Off Table Support Options and a Magic System plus character types for Infantry, Cavalry, Creatures, Monsters, Titans, Artillery and Personalities.  Personalities allow Command, Magicians, Heroes, Clerics and others.

The battle level version of the rules that takes you from Skirmish with single characters up to massive battles with formations of twenty to forty miniatures a time using an innovative  'Command Three' mechanic unique to the game.

Its a cracking system and I would like to thank those who playtested it both inhouse and out there in the big wide world.  Special mentions to Elton Waters, Bob Minadeo and Gianmatteo Tonci.

More information when the time comes.


Monday, 1 November 2010

Oi! You Bog Orc...what's yer name lad!

Hello Everyone,

Its not often at Alternative Armies that a recruit arrives and we know not his name...but today is such a day.  An upcoming miniature release for Flintloque the Skirmish that was not on any design schedule, not asked for by players, not planned at all but was instead the end result of some sculpting inspiration!
Below you can see this miniature in all its glory.  What can be certainly assured is that he is male, he is a Bog Orc of Guinalea, he is wearing Albion Orc Infantry uniform for a Private and he is carrying a Bessie Musket.  Beyond this....nothing.

Who Am I?

See me Back!

What I want to know...WHO IS HE!!!!
Is he;

1.  A Private in the 62nd Foote?
2.  A newly arrived deserter in the ranks of Obidiahs Army?
3.  Is he a friend of the legendary Foul Mouth Freddie?  
4.  Is he the well known revolter Miorcy O'Flynn spiker of drinks and heads?

Suggestions welcome!

Comment here or on the Notables Yahoo Group.  

I welcome all ideas and the winner will get a casting of this miniature for free!

My Ears are Open!