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Friday, 27 August 2010

The Whyte Revolt - Part One posted

Hello Barkers,

The first installment of the series of free articles that make up the Flintloque arc the 'The Whyte Revolt' is now on the Barking Irons blog for you to read and enjoy!

You can find it by clicking on the 'Free Flintloque' page button at the top of the blog of by clicking HERE.

The first part sets the scene giving you some introduction fiction and an account of the early lead up to the Whytes and their Revolt.

The next part will come along soon. Keep on reading the blog.



Barking Irons No 3 - Contents List

Hello Barkers!

As promised here is the contents listing for the next issue of the Barking Irons magazine due in September 2010. Have a read and comment by posting on anything that catches your eye.


Barking Irons No 3

In this Issue of Barking Irons......

- Lead Shotte Columns -

News and Glimpse the Future
QA - Got a Question for us? Ask us!

- Features -

The Queene of Battle!
An in depth look at the brand new expansion to Flintloque the Skirmish, 3rd edition Grapeshotte. This article includes information on the expansion and its application to the other Flintloque books as well as the theory behind Grapeshotte. By G. Syme

The Prydian Precinct civil war
Where once accord and peace ruled over a region of space recovered from the old ravages of the Khanate Wars there is now the Prydian civil war. We look at the factions vying for power including the League of Yordan, the League of Canlaster and the broken up Prydian Army. By G.Syme

Larry Ambulance Project
Taking inspiration from the Elf Field Hospital for Flintloque the master terrain and model maker turns his attention to giving Elvish surgeons something a bit more mobile to carry out their bloody work. By T.Harwood

- Adventures -

Checkpoint Charles
A Firefight 2.0 mission with a twist. Retained knights find themselves under fire from enemy Muster at a checkpoint and when more troops arrive for their relief there is a chance they might just switch sides instead of aiding the Retained they might just open fire on them! By G. Rumbles

Gotta Have the Docks for the Box
Welcome to the docks of Pondlerno in Nepolise where a ship bound for the Witchlands has been stopped and its cargo unloaded onto the quay for inspection. While searching boxes is menial work for elite guard Todoroni they are going to need all their skill and the fire power of the naval mortar on the quayside to prevail against what they uncover from the ships hold! A two player scenario for Flintloque. By G.Syme

The Thoas Legend
Thoas the Giant, an ally of Hades, stalks the tiny village of Xlakos intent on murder and pillage for his master. Can Stocos the chosen hero of Zeus defeat him with only his wits and a few warriors for company? A Typhon scenario for two players. By F.Windhem

Swords for Reluctant Hire
On their way to deal with a wayward Wyvern the Dragonslayers are summoned for aid by a chieftain of men who offers them all he has to protect his people from a pack of savage Stasian Dogmen who outnumber them and are baying for blood. Can these veteran fighters prevail? By G.Syme

- Game Articles -

Seven Principles of Flintloque
Part Three of the seven principles discusses building a section, having a battle plan and sticking to it during your games of Flintloque. By M.White.

Children of the Dragons
The Dracci are a unique fantasy race and as such have their own place in the battle of the Age of Might and Steel. Tactics, strengths and weaknesses about in this article for those who field or face these blood red scaly killers.
By S.Hazuka

Its a Weird War for a Second
The 2nd Global War army template for the Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) 15mm science fiction system introduces those inventions and creations that in reality (thankfully!) never left the drawing board of the Axis or the Allies.
By A. Self

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Reviewing Wargames website

Hello Barkers,

I have just gotten this news from Alternative Armies. Its about a great new website which reviews all aspects of the gaming hobby online.

They have begun their reviews with a look at one of the classic Flintloque box scenario sets 'Lady Wintermores Fangs' a favourite among players of the game even now in 3rd edition.

You can find the review HERE.

You can see the boxed set HERE.

I wish all the lads at Reviewing Wargames all the luck in the world with their new venture.

Check it out today!


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

David Sheppard - Painted Miniatures

Hello Barkers,

A jolly nice fellow by the name of David Sheppard has sent in some images of his pro-painting from the Flintloque range as ordered by a client of his. I thought you might all want to see these painted miniatures in their glory and to admire his brushwork.

The first image is The Baron Petrochemicoli, code LE043, a limited edition miniature of a Todoroni personality. You can learn more about this character and miniature HERE

The second image is The Baron Von Rotte on his pig Bristle, code LE042, a limited edition miniature Dwarf personality. You can learn more about this character and miniature HERE

Both miniatures are out now and each unpainted pack is priced at £5.00.

The third image shows the two miniatures together and is larger.

Enjoy and well done Mr Sheppard!


The Whyte Revolt - Starts this Friday

Hello Barkers,

This week sees the start of a new page on this blog, see the header of the blog under 'Whyte Revolt', which will give you some free material which could not feature in the Barking Irons magazine. It kicks off with part one this friday, but in the meantime see the page or below for the initial information.

Its gonna be fun...I had a great time writing this material at the same time as Death in the Snow was being created!


The Whyte Revolt

On this page you can find the parts of an adventure arc for Flintloque called ‘The Whyte Revolt’ which was left out of the print edition of the Barking Irons magazine due to space constraints and to make room for other game systems to get their own coverage. This ain’t to say this adventure arc is not as good as the material in print, just that we could not do it justice over the number of issues needed to get it all in print. So to make sure it ain’t wasted we are giving it to you free here on the blog. If you enjoy it let us know and keep in mind there is plenty more in print in the Barking Irons magazine.

The Whyte Revolt is set in the Witchlands region of the World of Valon. It is an adventure arc of several parts including background, character, scenarios and such building up the picture of a very strange and disturbing revolt among the ranks of the re-animated dead against the Dark Czar and his Vampyre nobles. All the while the war against the retreating Grande Armee du Norde continues apace. The Whytes have retained their memories of their once lives and now the Vampyres must be made to pay for their crimes!

We intend to publish parts of the adventure arc in order from first to last at the rate of one every few weeks. We will let you all know when the next part us up on the blog. Now…on with the first!


Moldsk Guard now 25% sold out

Hello Barkers,

Lastest News from Alternative Armies is that the second very limited edition unit code is now 25% sold out. This code is LEU02 Moldsk Guard which is limited to 100 numbered boxed sets only each supplied with 16 miniatures, bases and an insert with background, uniform and more.

Full details of this super miniature code can be found HERE.

If you are a fan of limited editions and of the Undead then this is a pack for you.
Get a part of something rare and special today.


Notables Yahoo Group - New Painting Competition

Hello Everyone,

Something is a foot, or should that be a brush, on the Notables Yahoo Group. This esteemed collection of some four hundred gentleorcs and a few ladyorcs too is setting up a new painting competition.

This will be the third competition run on the group and it concerns the Orcs of Albion, in the World of Valon, setting of Flintloque from Alternative Armies.

The competition concerns the painting of some miniatures for a prize of fame and also a £20.00 voucher from Alternative Armies to the winner.

Entrants have until 31st August to enter officially via the group or email and as long as your entry includes miniatures from pack code 54031 you are free to add to them as you wish.

Alternative Armies is offering a 15% discount to entrants orders which include 54031 until the 31st August. The discount code can be had upon request.

Full details can be found on the Notables Yahoo Group in message 10898#.
Click HERE for this message.

So if you fancy your chances please do read the message and enter the competition today!

The winner will be announced with photos and background for his entry on this very blog.



Friday, 20 August 2010

Barking Irons No 3 - Cover Sneek Peek!

Hello Barkers,

Barking Irons No 2 is now well and truly out and about, with copies arriving now all over the gaming world from the UK to the USA and even Iraq with some actual Orcs in Red. Happiness and joy to all those who bought it and are enjoying it as I type. If you would like to know more about and get yourself a copy of BI No 2 then CLICK HERE.

Now for a little treat. The cover of the forthcoming Barking Irons No 3. Enjoy!

More posts to follow soon concerning the contents of Issue 3 and also a look at the features in more detail AND an introduction to a new contributor to the magazine. As always please email me or post any comments against this posting here on the blog.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Painted High Fantasy range at Alternative Armies

Hello Barkers!

Its a big week for High Fantasy in 28mm scale. In fact they have now fought their way out from under the pile of Barking Irons magazines and Baron Petrochemicoli limited editions to get my attention!

Some of you will be aware that Alternative Armies produces a great deal of top notch painted miniatures every year, all hand painted here in Scotland, covering everything from Flintloque / Slaughterloo miniatures to HOF and HOT 15mm miniatures. These painted miniatures also include High Fantasy in 28mm. Starting this week the company has introduced a brand new system and web page for these painted and based miniatures.

Have a look here for full details of the range, the service and what is on offer.

At only £4.00 a miniature (less if you take the full pack code) you can purchase a full set or multiples or any singles from it. Maximum flexibility. This is a great way to get playing DarkeStorme (see here) or any other system for High Fantasy both wargaming and roleplaying.

The releases have begun with some really spiffing and useful Undead and a couple of Trolls. Here are some pictures to whet your whistle for more! See the site link above for full details of each code.

Mountain Orcs and Orc Artillery at Alternative Armies

Hello Everyone,

Those of you who are eagle eyed might have noticed I am a day late in posting up this news about new miniatures from Alternative Armies in the High Fantasy 28mm range. Well, I have been a bit under the weather and still am to an extent, but hopefully I will be back to normal next week. That aside here is the news!

Alternative Armies have re-released some of the most popular high fantasy codes from their extensive range this week including two packs of hulking Mountain Orcs and my fav the Orc Artillery pack. See images of them below;

95519 Mountain Orcs
Six Large Orcs

This pack contains six different Mountain Orcs to form a warband command along with warriors to command within it. Led by a truly massive warlord this pack also has a wizard, standard bearer, musician, spearman and swordsman too. Each Orc stands 30mm tall. Choosing poses 5 and 6 in multiples allows the creation of larger units of Mountain Orcs when combined with code KC02.

From the left the poses are

Pose 1: 95519-01 Warboss, sperate arm, stands 50mm tall!
Pose 2: 95519-02 Wizard
Pose 3: 95519-03 Standard Bearer with Stone Club
Pose 4: 95519-04 Drummer, spiked helm
Pose 5: 95519-05 Sword, wooden shield, armour
Pose 6: 95519-06 Spear, armour

KC2 Mountain Orcs
Three Large Orcs

This pack contains three different Mountain Orcs in a variety of poses which form a good centre from which to expand your rampaging forces. Each Orc stands 30mm tall.

From the left the poses are

Pose 1: KC02-01 Spiked Club and Shield
Pose 2: KC02-02 Two Handed Spiked Mace
Pose 3: KC03-03 Greatsword and Shield

95522 Orc Artillery
Artillery Piece with Crew

This pack contains two Orc Gunners and a kit for constructing a Bolt Thrower.

From the left the poses are

Pose 1: 95522-01 Officer with Club
Pose 2: 95522-02 Gunner, Bolt
Pose 3: Artillery Piece Kit (Bow and Base)

All the miniatures are supplied with round lipped plastic bases included in the price and as with the rest of the range you can choose to buy the whole pack or single miniatures in any quantity from the pack. So if you want nine Mountain Orcs with Sword and Shield you can have it!

Go here: High Fantasy. Then navigate to Orcish Horde and Mountain Orcs to see the packs.

More releases in this range to come later this month.



Friday, 13 August 2010

Draccian's released in HOF 15mm sci-fi line!

Hello Barkers!

Wow! New miniatures again from the HOF 15mm science fiction line at

HOF62 Draccian Heavy Weapons

These fierce looking fellows are armed to their sharp teeth and make excellent mercenaries, savage allies, mutants, space lizards and even more for your favourite game systems like Alien Squad Leader. The pack contains ten miniatures in a mix of three poses for only £3.50.

CLICK HERE for more and to get your hands on them. Out Now!

Additionally they are also on sale now as single miniatures in the HOF range. CLICK HERE

These chaps probably eat Octopods for breakfast...raw!



Octopods now on as single miniatures

Hello Everyone,

Some news from The HOF range of 15mm science fiction miniatures has now added to its page containing single miniatures. This page allows you to purchase one miniature at a time for a very reasonable sum allowing tailoring of your forces to exactly what you require.

Now in the single miniatures section are all of the miniatures from the Octopod codes.

HOF53 Octopod Infantry ( 3 Poses)
HOF59 Octopod Command (4 Poses)
HOF60 Octopod Heavy Weapons (3 Poses)
HOF61 Octopod Seer Guard (3 Poses)

A total of 13 different tentacle faced oodness to choose from at only £0.35 each.

CLICK HERE to browse the single miniatures HOF page.

Also see the Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog for an excellent posting on the Octopods with a brilliant colour scheme different to that on CLICK HERE



Friday, 6 August 2010

Barking Irons No 2 - Now on Sale!

Hello Barkers,

Its been a while but here we are! Barking Irons No 2 magazine is now for sale on the Alternative Armies and website for the humble sum of only £3.00.

The magazine is shipping on 16th August 2010 and all orders placed by them will ship that day.

Here is the link to the Alternative Armies page.

Here is the link to the page.

Remember that if you wish to only order magazines from either website you can select the 'magazine only' postage rate which is just £1.00 for the UK and £2.50 for anywhere else in the world (and this applies if you order one, two or upto six magazines!). Saving you money!

You can read more about this issue from postings here on the Barking Irons Blog. Click on these links below and read not only the contents of the issue but also the full text of page 8 of the issue too!

Barking Irons No 2 - Contents List
Barking Irons No 2 - Page 8

As always if you have any comments email direct or put them in the comments on this blog posting. I am happy to help.

If you are interested in submission guidelines please email me direct on;

Its a corker, get yours today!