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Thursday, 27 May 2010

High Fantasy Releases - Dogmen and Winter Knights

Hello Everyone,

Another week and some more news from Alternative Armies about the 28mm High Fantasy range. More releases, this time due to customer demands, a break in the Orcs and Goblins to bring you Dogmen and also the first Human code.

Here is what I am talking about.

FL10 Winter Knights
This pack contains two plate armoured knights, both dressed for winter and armed with a long shafted axe. One of them is on foot and the other mounted on an armoured horse. A very useful and character filled set which will feature in a DarkeStorme scenario in Barking Irons No 2.

OH6 Dogmen Soldiers I
Four canine warriors with a variety of weapons. These savage fellows make excellent mercenaries and freebooters too.

OH16 Dogmen Soldiers II
Four more canine warriors to build up your forces with. Vicious and quiet capable of rending your enemies limb from limb these chaps will do you proud!

Additionally requests from gamers have begun to mount up for some more DarkeStorme material such as a free scenario. If you have any thoughts on what and where then please do comment here or message me directly.

That's All for Now.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Listing of Articles in Barking Irons No 2

Hello Everyone,

In the second posting for Barking Irons No 2 magazine I present to you the listing of contents by feature type as laid out in the coming publication. Enjoy and as always all comments are welcome. If there are certain articles you want to know about then comment here or message us directly.



In this Issue of Barking Irons......

- Features -

A DarkeStorme Rises!
An in depth look at the two scale high fantasy game system DarkeStorme. This article includes information on the game and its background as well as the theory behind the game.

Is that you Mr Obidiah?
Modelling Master Class - Personalities of Valon. An article about the many uses of the rogue Obidiah Hogswill. Miniature conversions for use with Flintloque.

War in an Age of Might and Steel
Massed Battle in 15mm scale fantasy has never been so fast and so much fun!
We look at the Age of Might and Steel rules system by the talented Mr Hazuka.

The shattered Prydian Precinct
Once an entity unifying the free worlds of mankind the Prydian Precinct has been rent asunder by a civil war that sees the marcher barons fighting over an empty throne. Our first setting article for the science fiction Ion Age of Firefight 2.0.

- Adventures -

Dirty Arf Undred
Flintloque scenario for two players (or solo play) along with regimental information for the infamous 50th Foote of Albion. Will Colonel Sterf Yong and his lads hold out in this ‘king of the hill’ adventure?

Tray Served Snack
Part two of the Happy Burger arc for Firefight 2.0 the 28mm science fiction system set in the Ion Age. Emeritas Hughes gets more than he bargained for in this exciting mission.

The Green Knights
A DarkeStorme scenario for two players. Deep in the darkling forest the Dwarves of Karl Ultranain encounter two mysterious knights who cannot be killed but are intent on slaughter.

- Game Articles -

The Smell of Napalm in the Morning
The new Hollywood Marines fun army template for the Alien Squad Leader
(ASQL)15mm science fiction system.

Heroic Bands
The theory and tactics for the effective use of Heroic Bands in the Age of Might and Steel (AoMaS) 15mm Fantasy system.

Seven Principles of Flintloque
Part two of the seven principles is concerned with ‘reading the book’ and tells you how to get the most out of your Flintloque game books.

Tactics and Special Rules for Undead
Shuffle and Moan! Get to the ‘meat’ for using the Undead in the Age of Might and Steel (AoMaS) 15mm Fantasy system.

- Lead Shotte Columns -

Q&A - Got a Question for us? Ask us!
News & Glimpse the Future

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Upcoming Posts for Barking Irons Magazine No 2

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today sees me putting this posting up which is going to get your taste buds a sizzling. The next issue of Barking Irons magazine is on its way and will be with you at the end of this month with mailing expected in early June.

With this in mind, as editor, I have decided to make some postings here that will let you all know what the magazine will have in it and to ask me any questions you might have. These questions might be on the articles in the upcoming issue, on the games in the issue, on future issues or even just the result of plain old curiosity.

You can see the spiffing cover of Issue 2 above and yes...that is DarkeStorme it features as a headline. My next posting will be the list of contents for Issue 2 and then after that in the coming days little snippits and artwork and so forth from selected articles.

So for now enjoy the cover and as always if you have questions just post them in comments here or on the Notables Yahoo Group and I will do my best to answer them.


Friday, 14 May 2010

Murder at Instadde - DarkeStorme Scenario Bundle

Hello Everyone,

Alternative Armies have just uploaded a new DarkeStorme scenario bundle for use with the game. Called 'Murder at Instadde' this bundle contains eighteen miniatures with bases along with TWO paper scenarios; these being 'Murder at Instadde' and also 'Night at Instadde'. This second scenario is only supplied with the bundle upon purchase.

Its great value with £30.00 worth of product at only £25.00 a great saving on already good prices.

The eighteen miniatures are ten Dwarves and eight Orcs and make a fine core to any fantasy collection. Plus keep in mind the 10% off code ( 1991 ) is still in effect and can be used on this bundle.

Go here to see and learn more: CLICK

Additionally the first scenario from the bundle is here below. Three pages. All you need to do is click on each image, save it, then open a normal blank document (word or open office etc) and drop the image on to a page each and print. Enjoy...Murder at Innstatte!

Get free miniatures from

Hello Everyone,

Latest news from They have just announced a two week promotion for a pack of free miniatures for every customer who wants them. You can get a free HOF pack worth £3.50 and pay only the flat rate postage.

They have run several of these offers already in 2009 and they were very popular and I expect this one to be just as well recieved by 15mm sci-fi players. This time the offer is a free pack of six HOF43 Armoured Sentry Robot.

The free pack contains six of the above miniature (which stands approx 20mm tall). An armoured robot in quite a unique style. A very useful miniature for 15mm science fiction gaming for sentries, attack bots and more for Human or Alien armies. Use it for Alien Squad Leader or any other system.

Go to their site for full details: HERE

The offer runs until 28th May 2010. Get your free pack now.


Orc and Goblin High Fantasy begun on Alternative Armies website

Hello Everyone,

The High Fantasy re-release on Alternative Armies continues apace and now, with the Dwarves complete, its the turn of the OH codes including Orcs and Goblins to be placed on to the website.

Here is a run down of the codes now placed into the Orc Horde and Goblin Horde section of the Alternative Armies website for High Fantasy.

OH8 Orc Desecrators

OH9 Orc Command

OH10 Orc Missile Weapons

OH11 Orc Fanatics

OH7 Goblin Wolf Riders II

More releases will be coming soon and also there is going to be a free scenario for DarkeStorme making use of Dwarves and Orcs uploaded to this very blog later today! More on this later on.



Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dwarven Host now complete on Alternative Armies website

Hello Everyone,

Alternative Armies have, as promised, uploaded the rest of the Dwarven Host codes in their High Fantasy range to their website. This completes the Dwarven range for the immediate future and the focus is now shifting on to the next race to be uploaded; but more on that later.

Added to the packs already there are these:

DH6 Dwarf Missile Weapons

DH7 Dwarf Cavern Fighters

DH8 Dwarf Shield Wall

DH9 Dwarf Characters

DH11 Dwarf Command

95537 Dwarf Beserkers

There is a lot to choose from here and you can see them all in much larger images HERE.

Keep in mind that you can buy the whole pack or just single poses from it; all at great prices.

Some of these Dwarves will feature in upcoming scenarios in the Barking Irons magazine.

Oh, and you can get 10% off your Fantasy order with a special code ' 1991 ' for details see this POST.



Monday, 10 May 2010

Alternative Armies to re-release entire High Fantasy Range - 10% offer this week

Hello Everyone,

Some news for you all. Alternative Armies possesses one of the finest range of high fantasy 25-28mm scale miniatures around. Built up in the mid nineteen nineties there are more than two hundred miniatures in the range from Dwarves and Elves to Undead and monsters along with some very unique codes. With the release of DarkeStorme the Skirmish the company has taken the chance to bring the ENTIRE range back into the public sphere once more. Many of the miniatures have not been seen for more than a decade.
This process will of course take some time to carry out in full but its now well underway. The original code structure is being used and first to come into the light are the DH codes, the Dwarven Host.
See here for the High Fantasy section of the Alternative Armies website: HF
With advances in web technology Alternative Armies can bring these miniatures to you in an extremely flexible way. You can view the packs, you can see hi-rez images too. You can choose to purchase an entire pack, or choose any of the miniatures from the pack as singles in any quantity. All the miniatures are at great prices with five Dwarves (including round plastic bases) coming in at £8.00 or £1.75 each if you choose singles from the pack.
By going to the website you can read all about this flexibility and see it in action by playing around with the buttons.
As a special offer I am able to tell you that there is a 10% off code now in effect on these newly put up codes. To make use of it go to the website and put High Fantasy miniature codes and or a copy of DarkeStorme in your basket. Then proceed to the cart screen and choose your postal region. Then on to the Checkout Screen (white background), here put in to the 'Discount / Voucher' box this exact numeric code ' 1991 ', the total for your order will automatically reduce by 10% on screen. The offer is in effect until next Monday morning.
Go on, get yourselves some Dwarves...or even a Bombard!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Billy the Piper Project and Winner announced

Mr Tony Harwood is a talented fellow and his latest project concerns a lone Joccian Rat bagpipe player miniature from the Flintloque range from Alternative Armies. This project has now been completed and you can follow the whole exciting process of the painting of the miniatures on the excellent blog Tony mantains.

Click HERE

The climax of the competition was that one lucky viewer of his blog would WIN the completed miniature and have it sent to them. I can announce that the winner was one Rob Alderman..well done Rob!



DarkeStorme Free Files folder - Beginning now!

Hello Everyone,

For those in the know you will have seen that on the rear inside page of the brand new DarkeStorme game book (28mm and 15mm scale high fantasy skirmish rules) that there is mention of a 'free files folder' for the game.

This free files folder alludes to all the material for the game that there simply was not space for in the printed book. This includes various unit rosters in easy print format, three scenarios to get you started, detailed character profiles for those scenarios, a quick reference sheet and example of play.

You can learn more about the game here: CLICK

With the game book now on general release and requests for this material Alternative Armies is beginning the process of putting this free material out to the public.

You will be able to get the free files in a few ways.

1. You can email the company directly and ask for them.
Alternative Armies - -

2. You can visit the Notables Yahoo Group and download them.
Notables Yahoo Group . Apply to join and they will welcome you, then navigate to the 'files' part of the group and look in the DarkeStorme folder.

See the comments thread on this post of the latest news on which free files are now online.

If you have any specific desire for some material for your DarkeStorme games then comment on this thread or email the company direct and ask...we are happy to discuss it.



Monday, 3 May 2010

Open discussion on the next Flintloque book

Hello Everyone,

With the release of 5027 Flintloque 3rd edition - Grapeshotte now complete the World of Valon moves on to talking about what is next for Flintloque.

Those who are members of the Notables Yahoo Group or have been involved as customers of Alternative Armies will know that the company takes great care and pride in getting its gamers involved in the creative process. Even to the point of letting gamers choose which book is to be published next in the 3rd edition series for Flintloque.

The choice is between;

Bier & Bones - Flintloque Game Book
(see above for the prospective cover of this title)


Retreat to Kooruna - Flintloque Expansion Book

Each offers things the other does not.

So get involved, go along to the Notables and read the postings that apply to this important thread. Your input does matter..let them know what you think is important and why.

Here is the link to the Notables Yahoo Group
Look for messages: 10216 and 10270 for thread starts and full details.
(If you are not a member of the group then just apply to join and the friendly lads at AA will make you a member...tell them Barking Irons sent you!)