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Monday, 27 December 2010

Discuss the Flintloque Campaign book on the Notables Yahoo Group

RTK Concept Art - Edward Jackson
Hello Everyone,

A treat from Alternative Armies in this week between Christmas and New Year.  A chance to have a look at design notes and discuss them for final input to the company on the first in a series of Flintloque the Skirmish dedicated Campaign books.  In this case 5029 Flintloque 3rd Edition - Retreat to Kooruna due in 2011.  

You will need to get along to the Notables Yahoo Group HERE to read message #11940, get the PDF from the group files section and get reading.  Comments are accepted on the group or by direct email to the company headed up 'RTK' so they know what you are on about!

Here is a transcript of the message from the group to fill you in a bit.

Hello Notables,

Go along to the FILES section of the group into the main files folder and scoll down until you reach the PDF titled '5029 RTK Notables' then click on it and have a read.  I would like your input on what is in it and of course all those who contribute will be listed in the book credits for their efforts.

Instructions are in the PDF on how to comment, please follow these and post here on the group.

Quoting from yesterdays message on this:

As you will know after Bier & Bones is released in February the next book is Retreat to Kooruna. The 'RTK' book is the first 'campaign book' for Flintloque 3rd edition and takes the game in a new direction or immersion not seen before. I have spent the last six weeks writing up the existing parts, the narrative, expanding the scenarios, putting solo options in and more. I would like to upload a condensed version of the internal design notes on the book and let you fellows read it and comment.

A lot of the finer tuining in the approach to this book is as a result of what you fellows put to me back in the summer. I would like those who are interested and want a credit in the book as well to have a gander and then post up any comments or questions here on the group or to me directly by email. The final finest tuning as it were to what you chaps would like the book to be.

Thanks in advance for your efforts, this file will be online until the first week of January 2011.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Monday, 20 December 2010

Alternative Armies and close early for Christmas


Hello Everyone,

Well for the first time ever Alternative Armies and have closed down early for the Christmas break.  As of this morning operations ceased and all package mailing suspended.  The situation will be reviewed day by day and when news comes around I will post it up.
Scotland is in the grip of a 'big freeze' on of the worst I can remember with temperatures this morning a refreshing -15c or 5 degrees Fahrenheit I must say that we cannot work in this temperature and neither it seems can the rest of the country.  The Royal Mail has a huge backlog and packages mailed a week ago are not arriving, so there is little point in sending more until the weather improves.  This is before the vast increase in mail due to the festive season is even taken in to account.

I apologise for this but its best solution for all concerned and if you are in the UK then you will know of the weather issues via the news already.

Alternative Armies and will review their domestic and international freight in a week's time and will contact all affected customers.  In the meantime feel free to contact them via normal email methods heading up the email 'Winter Delay' and they will be happy to reply when they can.

As regards the tragic death of Craig Andrews (he of Orcs in the Webbe fame) father at the weekend all of us here send our best wishes to him and his family at this time and we are thinking of them all fondly.  More news on the OITW Advent Calendar when we hear it.

As regards the Festive Raffle at Alternative Armies and so forth discussions will be held as to possible changes and or expansion of its terms to take the adverse weather into account.  More news on this when its decided.

So Merry Christmas and Wrap up Warm.  

Oh and for those of you who are fans of Flintloque...goodbye from the Witchlands made real!


Gavin Syme. 


Thursday, 9 December 2010

USE ME 15mm Fantasy - Now Released!

USE ME 15mm Fantasy Rules

Product Description:

UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy
(A6 Booklet, 32pp, Colour Covers, ISBN and Barcode)

USE ME means 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' and this system delivers just that.  Tactically challenging, easy to learn and for any age of wargamer interested in ANY  fantasy setting.   From skirmish to full battles, games last from five minutes to an hour or two for the largest battles.  Play in your lunch break or in the evening when the idea of a really complex system with a long set up time really does not appeal.  Pick up any of you Fantasy  miniatures and get playing in minutes.  This complete rules system is printed in A6 format which is a booklet which will fit in your pocket (110mm by 180mm) making it truly portable as well as fantastic value for your money.  USE ME is just that...its for you!

Theory and Design of Product:

So here we are four months after the release and really the fantastic response to USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rule system. If you would like to know more about the origins of the USE ME system then refer to UM001 where you can find out all about it.  After hundreds of messages and requests its  now time for the next step.  After science fiction the next logical place to go is High Fantasy, after all its what many wargamers play and love as well.

I began with an idea and the manuscript of the first book and set to work.  With the help of Elton Waters and Bob Minadeo plus some in house testing too I developed a fantasy mechanic that is really actually rather super on the table.  Keeping in mind that being short of gaming time meant we and most of the players who would want this game were knackered (read as 'beat' if you are American) and being generic was vital to allow the use of any and all of your collection of miniatures was also vital we came up with USE ME 15mm Fantasy.  Skirmish and Mass Battle in one place suitable for the most veteran player and the total novice and tactically motivated not sales price of product. on.

The USE ME game system for 15mm Fantasy.  You will need some miniatures, some terrain and a few six sided dice (D6's) to play the game.  This is not much and indeed most of the time everything in play needs only 1D6 roll to make a decision.  In the game all miniatures, monsters and siege engines and so forth are de-marked into of CHARACTERS and these into TYPES which allow you to create anything you want in a fantasy setting with a few tables of TYPES with points costs attached. 

The Turn Sequence of the game follows a simple path of firstly the Initiative Phase where all players roll 1D6 and the highest roll wins the initiative for the turn (important later on!).  Then the main part of the turn, the In Play Phase where all characters in the game are activated not by the side upon which they fight but by their Elan Rating.  This means better troops move and fight before poorer quality troops  and within each Elan banding from 6 to 1 activation begins with the initiative holding player.  When activated each character can choose TWO actions, these include move, ranged fire, melee, defend, special action, unique action.  The character may choose two different actions OR the same one twice with a modifier; very flexible in battle.  Ranged fire and melee are based on opposed single D6 rolls with modifiers for troop type and weapon ratings.  This super fast system results in targets being Killed, Struck or Winged by attacks.  Killed removes them from play while the other two results negatively effect their further performance in the game.  The defend action allows characters to take cover against attack while special actions cover those things detailed in the USE ME Advanced Rules and unique actions are created when needed for a scenario.  The USE ME Advanced Rules cover off table actions such as bonuses and attacks at a battlefield level plus advanced mechanics for giving your Personalities extra skills for being a General, Hero, Cleric or a Wizard.  There is a full magic system with four 'schools' to choose from.  There are character traits which give your troops abilities that make them more Savage or more Nimble or Rage Filled etc.  This tailors to different fantasy racial types.  That covers the skirmish level of the rules which means from a handful to a couple of dozen characters but what of the battle level of the USE ME Fantasy rules?

It is at the battle level that these rules really flex their muscles with whole formations of troops marching into a maelstrom that can make use of more than a hundred miniatures per player with ease.  To take the rules to the battle level the 'Rule of Three' is brought into play and nifty it is too!

All miniatures are based as singles (its what you all asked for to end the tyranny of differing basing conventions) and to turn these individuals into 'formations' (the USE ME  term for Units of any size) the Rule of Three is used.  make a Formation you need THREE characters to command it, these are typically an officer, a standard bearer and a musician of your chosen racial and troop type. These three become the COMMAND THREE of the Formation and remain at its core until the formation is destroyed or the game ends or you elect to dissolve the formation. You then add Characters to the command core of the formation in sets of THREE at a time. Each set of three is placed in base to base contact with the Command Three building out from it as you go so the command ends up in the centre of the formation.   There are different types of formations that have different functions but you can build formations up to any size you want for big regiments in big battles.  Formations move as one though injured characters can fall behind and get separated (which is very dangerous as normal infantry or cavalry are automatically killed by formations if touched or attacked) and perform attacks based on every three characters in the formation.  This allows attacks to be split or focused especially for ranged attacks.  Formation melee involves a clash of ranks with the attacks of the front two ranks being counted and you can literally 'grind down' formations and even feed in more troops to the rear of the formation, adding them to bolster its numbers.  Injuries in a formation can be assigned to miniatures at the players discretion allowing unparalleled choice in which ranks of your formation are hurt and killed by attacks.   This is a very tactical and entertaining way to battle and can enact the largest of conflicts.

After the USE ME game finishes.  Most of the time you will want to play a quick game, cause some carnage and send a lot of little metal men to their dooms.  But it need not be the end if you want to carry on.  USE ME has mechanics in it for updating your Force Roster (with your troops on it from the game just finished) to see what happened to those characters who were Struck or Winged in play to see if they recover in time for the next encounter.  This makes rolling those dice nail biting and really important for the next scenario.  Plus you can make a second lot of rolls for any characters Killed in play to see if a slim chance of them rejoining your forces for the next game.  A simple system for linking games together follows and then a page containing narrative approaches to forming a whole campaign and ideas of how to do it.  The end of the game on the table is just the start.

The Endless Settings of USE ME.  One of the core ideas for this game system was to make it capable of carrying out skirmishes, battles and campaigns in ANY  fantasy   setting allowing players to import any and all of their own ideas or those from Books, Television or Film into play.   The character types table allows you to set your miniatures, your ideas, your setting to the game with little trouble.  Just choose the Elan Rating, the Weapons, the Movement rates etc for each of your miniatures and fill out a force roster with their names and statistics; as simple as that.  Wars over Magic Rings, Campaigns against Orcs, Pale faced Elves and more...USE ME can do them all. 

USE ME is a pocket rule system that does not pretend to be anything else.  Its fast, its fun and its affordable.  With many rule systems these days taking themselves far too seriously and with some being priced at an amount that makes purchasing them a long term goal for most of us USE ME gives you what it promises and in a format that will make you smile.  Try it, you might want to USE ME yourself!

Thanks for Reading,

Gavin Syme

Contents of Product:

USE ME contains a lot of material in its little pages, enough for some cracking single games, linked games, campaigns and even solo play too.  

Here is a run down of just what you get in the booklet.

Frontis Page                                                  pg1
Introduction & Contents                          pg2
What you Need to Play                                   pg3
The USE ME Rules                                         pg4-20
The USE ME Advanced Rules                          pg21
USE ME Magic Rules                                     pg22-23
Character Types and Costs Tables                pg24-26
Example Force Creation                               pg27
Miniatures Types and Markers                      pg28
Force Rosters                                             pg29
After and Between Games                           pg30
Linked Games and Campaigns                     pg31
HOT Miniature Rang                                   pg32
Free Resources Listing and Code                 pg32

Miniature Ranges Suitable for Product:

The USE ME 15mm Fantasy  rules can be used with any suitable range of 15mm scale miniatures however we recommend that you look at our own 15mm Fantasy  ranges.  These include the HOT 15mm Fantasy range of more than ninety packs of high quality miniatures and the classic TTF  range which features more than fifty different infantry, creatures and monsters.

Promotion for Product:

When you purchase a copy of USE ME 15mm Fantasy  from you get access to two brilliant promotions.  Here are the details.

Firstly this booklet qualifies for our specially discount MAGAZINE postage rate world wide.  If you order only this booklet (no other books or miniatures) then you can select magazine for your shipping region and pay only £1.00 postage (UK and Europe) or £2.50 (USA and ROW).  All non UK orders are by airmail too!  Secondly when the booklet is in your hands turn to its back page and your can gain access to the following.  Firstly an email to get a free folder of resources in PDF form for the game (Force Roster, Templates, Counters, Sample Scenario).  Secondly a promotional code to use on the website which will get you not only 5% off your next order from us but also included in that order will be a free casting of the Orc Warlord on boar pictured on the booklet cover (worth £0.70).

How is that for value on a rule system priced at only £3.50!  Get your copy today!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

5028 Flintloque 3rd ed - Bier & Bones: Pre-Order Now!


5028 Flintloque 3rd Edition - Bier & Bones

Please note any order for this product with get a free Promo2010 miniature automatically and will be dispatched in the week of release. If you pre-order and place other products in your order these other products will be sent before the release of 5028 unless placed one week before book release.

The forth book in the series for Flintloque 3rd edition sees the Ostarian Empire fighting for its life against the Ferach Armees of the Emperor Mordred. Before the invasion of the Witchlands and the canker of the Catalucian ulcer the Emperor Mordred forged the Confederation of Finklestein and subdued Burrovia before taking his columns against the Dogmen of Ostaria at the Battle of Osterblitz. Soon the Dwarves of Krautia joined the fray and the future of Valon was for the taking...

The Bier & Bones book contains full Flintloque rules, the background to the Wars of Urop, the Armies of Ostaria, Krautia, Burrovia and other minor powers and allies plus characters and section generation. Skills, Traits and Flaws along with scenario creation and three starter scenarios. Solo play mechanics and pull out sheets (Section Roster, Game Counters I, Game Counters II) and much more.

A4 Format
Perfect Bound
96 pages
Colour Covers & Colour centrefold
Pull Out Pages
ISBN and Barcode

A stand alone rulebook that can be used on its own or with 5025 War in Catalucia, 
5026 Death in the Snow and 5027 Grapeshotte.

MORE INFORMATION ON 5028 FLINTLOQUE 3RD EDITION – BIER & BONES Here are the contents of the Bier & Bones book section by section.
Introductory Section Title Page, Contents and Credits Page, What is Flintloque the Skirmish, Introduction to the World of Valon, The Napoleonique Style of War.
The War in the Central Urop This section of the book contains background covering the initial Ferach Attacks upon the other nations of Urop, the formation of the Confederation of Finklestein, subduing the Burrovian Republique and the climatic Battle of Osterblitz. In addition to this are other minor campaigns such as the Tree Line Wars, Krautia and the Monich Bier Wars, Saxhunde and the Battle of Yenna and much more. All of the Central Uropean fighting right up to the current campaigns in Kartoffelburg giving you the chance to play out any one of them. Additionally the background section of the book also contains Scenario Seeds like those in 5025 and 5026 which give you great ideas and set ups for forces for your games of Flintloque set in Central Urop.
The Armies of the Uropean Wars This section of the book contains the organisation, troops types, uniforms and famous characters from the primary armies involved in the Uropean Wars. These are the Dogmen of the Ostarian Empire, the Dwarves of Krautia, the Rabbitmen of Burrovia, the Ogres of Hunvaria and all of the regular and dutchy troops in the Confederation of Finklestein (including the Dutchy of Saxhunde, the Dwarves of Beervaria, the Von Rotte regiments etc). Minor powers covered include The Dogmen of Pudigrochumsberg, the Dwarves of Brewswick and of the Blacke Horde, the Wild Evles of Swizzic and Turcani plus the Ogres of the Krautian Giant Legion and more. All you need to organise your forces.
Character and Section Creation Here you will find out how to create sections including officers, musicians and more. How to deal with your troops between games and replacing the dead. Also Skills, Traits and Flaws unique to each race in the Armies section are listed here. Finally Wylde Magicke for mortal characters.
The Rules of Bier & Bones Introduction, Designers Note, Terms and Definitions. The full rules for Flintloque the Skirmish along with exclusive content on all of the racial types covered in the book such as Dogmen, Dwarves and Ogres. Skills Traits and Flaws along with National Characteristics make your characters from this book all the more unique. Also unique troops and sets for Ostarian, Krautian and Burrovian players.
The Tables for Flintloque This section contains all the needed tables and statistics for Bier & Bones. Master Racial stats tables, Weapon tables, Mounts and Melee tables and more.
Solo Play rules for Flintloque Flintloque 3rd editions unique easy to use Solo Play mechanics. Simple, effective and popular!
Pull Out Sheets These pages are perforated for easy removal by players and contain useful tables, rosters and counters.
Ninety Six packed pages of adventure and fun for all miniature wargamers!

The Festive Raffle 2010 - From Alternative Armies now on!

The Festive Raffle 2010  
Presented by Alternative Armies.....

Tickets supplied with ANY Order at the rate of one per £5.00 spent (or fraction there of) with the winning numbers being drawn, winners contacted and numbers announced here on 6th January 2011.
Remember also that any order placed gains a free Promo2010  miniature as well so its a double win!

All prizes are provided by Alternative Armies and are delivered by 1st class or international mail to the winner free of charge. Winners will be contacted by email using the address given on their qualifying order that produced the tickets.  A record of all ticket numbers is kept by the company.

The Prizes in the Raffle are as follows;  

1st Prize
2nd Prize

Magnum Orcus 2010
 56pp Softcover Book.
A limited run book (20 copies only) of the artwork produced by Mr Edward Jackson during 2010.
A significant prize and collectors item sought after by many Flintloque, Slaughterloo and Firefight 2.0 players.
These are the only two copies being given to the General Public, all others are for internal company use only.

3rd Prize
A Slaughterloo Unit of Von Rotte Line Infantry worth £30.00
Never heard of these Dwarven Infantry miniatures?  
Not a surprise as they will not be released until January 2011.
Twenty Dwarves including Officer, Musician, Standard Bearer and three different poses of troopers.

4th Prize
£20.00 Alternative Armies Gift Voucher
A voucher which can be used for any Alternative Armies products online or by telephone.  
This may include postage.

5th Prize
Choose a Prize!
The winner will be contacted to select their choice of £15.00 worth of Alternative Armies product from our ranges which will then be sent to them post free anywhere in the world.
Choose from, among others...Flintloque, Firefight 2.0, DarkeStorme, High Fantasy and more.

Promo2010 Miniature - Free with Any Order from Alternative Armies

The Bombe Bunny: This miniature is the promotional miniature for 2010 from Alternative Armies.

It is supplied for free automatically with any and all orders, one per order placed, during the month of December 2010 until 6th January 2011. The miniature will be supplied unpainted unless the majority of the order placed is for painted codes in which case the miniature will be automatically supplied painted and based.

The Promo 2010 miniature will also be supplied at the rate of one per order for the 5028 Bier & Bones book until its release on 17th February 2011. Note that after 6th January 2011 this will be the ONLY way to get this miniature. The miniature will be supplied bagged with a printed insert detailing its background, special rules and painting guide.  On the 18th February 2011 the mold containing this code will be destroyed making it an extremely rate collectors item much like the 2009 miniature Raylen Durandus the Imperial Messenger.

There is a December festive Flintloque scenario featuring the Bomb Bunny which can be had for free upon email request or from the Notables Yahoo Group as of mid month. The scenario is entitled ‘Powdered Eggs’.

6th Illskinning Dragoons - Released


6th Illskinning Dragoons

Only a few regiments of Cavalry come from Guinalea, the average Bog Orc finding normal Orc Horses unable to carry their weight for long periods. However the Illskinning Dragoons have their own horse herders who supply them with big and powerful mounts. Like their fellows in the Illskinning Line regiment they are tough characters and while not the flashiest squadrons galloping about the battlefield, they are perfectly capable of holding their own.

Create your section with these miniatures using 5025 War in Catalucia or Flintloque Lite. Troop Type Cavalry, armed with Swords, heavy horses. Incorporate Skills, Traits, Flaws as normal for Bog Orc characters.

The Illskinning Dragoons are classed as Heavy Cavalry.

See Slaughterloo Army Lists.

The uniform consists of a blue tunic, white breeches, a black bicorne with a green plume, and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are yellow. Equipment is black, metal is sliver, and equipment straps are white leather.

54521 Bog Orc Dragoons
54521-U  6th Illskinning Dragoons
54047 Bog Orc Troopers

This new release has three purchase options.  A Slaughterloo unit, a Flintloque set and a booster blister of troopers.  For more information CLICK HERE
Add some new cavalry to your Flintloque and Slaughterloo forces today!
Thanks for Reading,


Garda Reale de Guinalea - Released!

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while but a lot of postings coming up this week and next so lets get started shall we.  Alternative Armies has just posted up its Winter 2010 offers and releases so I am going to detail them in order...boy is it a bumper crop this year!

54522 Guarda Reale de Guinalea
54046 Guarda Reale Command
54018 Guarda Reale Troopers

The once mighty nation of Catalucia made great use of foreign troops as mercenaries, palace guard and so on. The Bog Orcs of the Garsa Reale de Guinalea were once just ceremonial guards for the royal estates of Fernando but since the wars began in earnest they have taken up their Bessie Muskets and fight for the freedom of their Dark Elf master. They are actually rather good, well compared to the majority of the rabble that is the Catalucian Army. Their two battalions are organised exactly the same way as Dark Elf line regiments.

FLINTLOQUE: Create your section with these miniatures using 5025 War in Catalucia or Flintloque Lite. Troop Type Regular, armed with Bessie Muskets and Bayonet, officers are typically Elves with sword and pistol. Incorporate Skills, Traits, Flaws as normal for Bog Orc characters.

SLAUGHTERLOO STATUS: The Garde Reale are classed as Regular Line Infantry
SLAUGHTERLOO STATISTICS: See Slaughterloo Army Lists.

UNIFORM: The uniform consists of a green tunic, green trousers, black bicorne and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collar, facings) are red. Equipment is black and all straps are white leather.

For more click HERE



Thursday, 18 November 2010

FREE 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures on

A free pack of HOF57 Starfighter Crew worth £3.50 with any order containing a science fiction item from ranges. That's right ten free miniatures! 

HOF57 Starfighter Crew

 To get a free pack of HOF57 all you need to do is place and pay for an order with them for ANY item or more than one item from the following ranges. (A single book, one miniature, a pack of miniatures, a value pack...anything) 

Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction 
HOF 15mm Science Fiction 
SHM Range 6mm Sci-fi Range 
UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction book 
Laserburn Books will automatically add one pack of HOF57 to every order placed for one or more items from the above list of range and products upon dispatch. They will accept any number of orders from a customer but only one free pack per placed order will be honoured. 

This offer ends on Monday 6th December 2010. 

The Festive Season Starts Right Here!

Free Optional Advanced Rules for USE ME - page 5

Hello Everyone,

Another page of Optional Advanced Mechanics for USE ME 15mm Science Fiction.  This time the Cyborg Enslavers get the treatment.  Below is an image of the page, click on it and save to your computer for free use and print out.
UM001 optional advanced rules pg5

The SHM Range on has some Cyborg Enslavers that you can make use of for your games.



UM003 Alternate Cover - Enjoy!

Hello Everyone,

In the previous posting we showed you a mock up of the cover for UM003 USE ME WW2 rules. had intended two make two print runs, one for Germany not featuring that cover and another for the rest of the world which did feature it.
However it has been decided to only supply one print run on the back of our customers contacting us in Germany and from elsewhere who think it is better to have only one run which is all the same.

The photograph on the cover is used with copyright permission from the copyright holder.  Details are in the book.

To this end here is the final cover, enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

USE ME World War Two - Mock Up Cover

UM003 Mock Up Cover

Hello Everyone,

More news from on the USE ME system front.

UM003 WW2 book is now laid up for printing for release end of this year.

In conjunction with O.G. Joel we have developed the USE ME mechanics to make an excellent skirmish to squad level right up to battle set of rules for 15mm WW2 miniatures.  It also includes off table support options plus suggested army lists for all the big nations in the war plus SOLO play rules too.  Play anything from the Spanish Civil War right up to the Fall of Berlin with the ease you would expect from USE ME.

Above you can see a mock up of the book cover, enjoy!


Friday, 12 November 2010

Tabletop 15mm ACW range now at

Hello Everyone,

Some great and long awaited news from for you all.

The classic Tabletop Miniatures 15mm scale American Civil War (ACW) range is now back in full production and in stock under the name Potomac 15mm ACW. This range of great miniatures have been a favourite among thousands of wargamers for many years and as a result of many requests we have brought it back to the market.
A4 Union Infantry Command

AC8 Confederate Cavalry Command

AC13 General Lee

AG1 Foot Artillery Crew (Union Uniforms)

AG3 Limber Set

AG12 Whitworth Gun
The range includes Infantry, Cavalry, Command and Artillery with Union, Confederate and speciality troops all represented in forty six  different codes. And we do mean see the whole range as every single code is pictured online expertly painted by David Sheppard.

Every code is online as a Single Miniature or small command set so you can purchase exactly what you need from us.  Excellent Value. Suitable for use with any 15mm scale ACW game system.

Go HERE to see the whole range and to learn more.

Thanks for Reading! 
Alexander Scott

Monday, 8 November 2010

USE ME World War Two in the works!

Hello Everyone,

As those who read this esteemed blog will know USE ME 15mm Science Fiction has spawned a High Fantasy version which will soon be with us all.  However this is not all that is in the works, there is another version of USE ME which will be making an appearance soon too.
I have been working on USE ME WW2, in conjunction with Omer Golan-Joel a fantastic fellow with a real feel for the more modern historical periods in wargaming.

This version of the USE ME engine will be skirmish and battle level and will allow players to fight out anything from the Invasion of Poland (or even the Spanish Civil War) right up to the fall of Berlin.
More details to come but this is an exciting development...a set of WW2 15mm rules in your pocket for less than four pounds; now that is something!


Friday, 5 November 2010

56537 Dog Engineers Set now Released!!!

Hello All!

The third release in the Autumn 2010 schedule for Alternative Armies is one for fans of the Flintloque expansion book Grapeshotte and also Slaughterloo.  The engineers are here and the sappers too for the Dogmen.  Enjoy and go along to the Alternative Armies website, the new releases page this month or search for 56537.  Read on in this post for more information plus hi-rez images of this great of my favourites of the year.
Additionally there are serveral parts of this set which can be purchased as single items to expand your siege or baggage train.  To view them go along to the website and search by code:

56537-A  Mounted Dogman Engineer
56537-B  Baggage Horse
56537-C Scenic Item (Bombs & Barrel)
Thanks for Reading!

56537 Dog Engineers Set
56537 Dog Engineers
8 White Metal Miniatures

This versatile set contains one mounted Dogman Engineer Officer on Horse, one fully laden Pack Horse, one Scenic Item (case of bombs with powder barrel and rope) and four Dogmen sappers on foot.  Those on foot comprise Dogman with wooden planks and separate mallet, Dogman with mucky shovel, Dogman carrying a Barrel and Dogman with cannonball and pistol. Plastic Bases included.

Full rules for the creation and use of Engineers and Sappers in Flintloque can be found in 5027 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Grapeshotte book.

The Empire of Ostaria has been at war with the Elves of Armorica since the times of blackpower began in earnest.  While soldiers and cannon are vital to this effort it cannot be said enough that the means of war depends on the engineers.  From building bridges to blowing them up, digging trenches and laying mines, repairing and commissioning fortresses and castles these are all essential to winning campaigns especially against the Ferach Empire.   When engineers are on the gaming table it calls for a scenario involving these elements which makes for a different and exciting game of Flintloque or Slaughterloo.

Ostarian Corps of Engineers and Miners  
There are a great number of specialised troops in the Ostarian Empire divided into four directories each with its own command structure. These are the Engineers, the Sappers, the Miners and the Fortress corps. Each operates on its own supplying troops where needed. They all have a good reputation. The structure of the directories is vast and too complex to give in detail but typically it is broken down and assigned by brigade to a senior officer to make use of as they see fit. A specialist battalion consists of several companies of one hundred sappers from the rank of private to colonel. Or ten to fifteen qualified engineers ranging from a master down to newly transferred junior at the rank of lieutenant.

The uniforms vary but in most cases they are almost the same as regular line infantry uniforms which can lead to confusion. It consists of a white tunic, sky blue or white trousers, a black shako, and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are green. Equipment is black and equipment straps are white leather.

Finklestein Engineers and Sappers
While the Ostarian Empire has one of the largest contingents of miners, sappers and engineers on all of Valon the same cannot be said for the multitude of little Dogmen states that make up their part of the Confederation of Finklestein.  Lacking academies and schools for these most technical skills the little states had to resort to other means to get the expertise that they needed.  Those other means were bribery, robbery and kidnapping.  Luring Ostarian deserters with the needed skills who had fled to join the Elves or to escape their mad own Emperor was easy enough with coin and other wares and the few really specialised persons needed (such as the Baron Von Kibble) were snatched from Ostaria and made to work in chains. 

Every Finklestein state has a small number of these specialised troops attached to those formations who have need of them.  They are seldom more than a few dozen in number with one or two professional Engineers leading the Sappers and Miners into the fray.   The uniforms of the Finklestein Dogmen who act as Engineers and Sappers are virtually identical to those on the Ostarian Empire and there is a good reason for this...they are the same bloody uniforms worn by traitors!  Some formations have changed their facing colour to orange instead of green but this is only in areas where its possible Ostarian troops will be on the field.

56537-A Mounted Dog Engineer Officer
1 Mounted Dogman
This pack contains a mounted Dogman officer (two pieces) of the Engineers taken from 56537 Dogmen Engineers set. A useful and versatile miniature that can be used in any Ostarian or Confederation of Finkestein force.

56537-B Ostarian Pack Horse
1 Laden Horse
This pack contains one pack horse loaded down with packs, barrels, blankets and more.  It is taken from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set. Perfect as a scenario objective or to expand your siege train or baggage train.

56537-C Bombs and Barrel
1 Scenic Item 
This pack contains one white metal scenic item taken from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set.
It is really useful as a scenario objective, marking the spot of a mine, a pile of explosives and more.