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Monday, 31 January 2011

Festive Raffle 2010 - WINNERS DRAWN!

Hello Everyone,

Well today is the day and the raffle is over for another year.  Delayed by the terrible weather the winners of all five top notch prizes have now been drawn from the hat.  Prizes will be sent out later today and winners have all been informed by email.

You can learn more here:  CLICK

Also the Promo2010 miniature will not be sent out with orders anymore and can now only be had with 5028 Bier & Bones book pre-orders until release day.



Friday, 28 January 2011

Last Two Days for the Festive Raffle - Get in on it Now!

The Alternative Armies Maginficent Raffle ends at noon on 31st January 2011 - You have only got a few days left to enter!

Great Prizes and a FREE Promo2010 'The Bombe Bunny' Miniature worth £3.50 with every order placed during the raffle.

Click Here, then scroll down, for full information: PAGE
Winners will be informed by email and prizes automatically sent by first class mail. 
Also the Promo2010 miniature molds will be DESTROYED shortly afterwards.

For the original posting on the Raffle - CLICK HERE 

Friday, 21 January 2011

Classic Flintloque Posters - limited stock now at Alternative Armies

Hello Everyone,

Recent activity on the Notables Yahoo Group concerning classic Flintloque the Skirmish posters that date from the mid 1990's has prompted Alternative Armies to search its stock room and put up for sale a limited number of three of these posters.

Each poster is larger than A3 size and printed on high quality paper, supplied in a cardboard tube for safe transit.

Go HERE to get to them.

Get a little piece of history for your wall now...these once graced most gaming stores across the world!



Friday, 14 January 2011

Free Files Folder now out for USE ME 15mm Fantasy

Hello Everyone,

The extreme winter weather in Scotland, search for it on this blog to see what occurred, meant some delays that Alternative Armies and are only now catching up upon.
One such delayed matter was the folder of free files for:

UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy Rules 

To learn all about this great little system at only £3.50 click HERE.

To go along with the game there is a free folder of files for everyone who wants it.   This folder can be had from the Notables Yahoo Group HERE or by emailing directly HERE and asking for it by reply. 

The folder contains;
An Introduction to UM002
Force Roster Blank - Skirmish
Force Roster Blank - Battle
Free Rosters (Elf and Orc)
Free Starter Scenario
UM002 Counters
UM002 Templates

Get your free folder today!


Notables Newspaper Issue 3 - Sells Out

Notables Newspaper Issue 3
Hello Everyone,

Some of you reading this might not know that a few years ago Alternative Armies produced a run of four issues of the 'Notables Newspaper'.  The twenty four page loose leaf fanzine was done in the style of an eighteen century Londinium gentlemans periodical based around the Notables Club.

Given away free with orders over a year the newspaper was very popular and once its run ended it was released for sale at a very reasonable £1.50 an issue.  Packed with scenarios, artwork, background for Flintloque and other games it continues to be ordered to this day by new players and old soaks too.

Sadly the large print run of Issue 3, the last of the four created, has not run out totally.  It is marked as sold out on the website.   Thanks to all who bought it and loved it so.
The other three are still around in limited numbers with Issue 1 being the least left of them.

CLICK HERE to see them all and read about their contents.
Oh, and though the image here does not show it all of the Notables Newspapers were printed on yellowed paper to make them more 'real'!

You could do far worse than having a read of these rapidly becoming collectors items for AA fans.


Dougies Depot Updated

Empress Morgana on Throne - Dougies Depot
Hello Everyone,

The Dougies Depot on Alternative Armies website has been updated today with more end of line, cancelled orders, odd stock in painted and based miniatures at great prices with a saving of at least 10% off list.


Among the one off products are some excellent ones such as; 

Early Test Casting Dracci including scratch built on left

Goblin Wolf Rider test piece with Japanese scheme
Have a look and remember to also browse the main section of the Depot for another one hundred plus offers.



Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dougies Depot now on Alternative Armies

Hello Everyone,
This just in from Alternative Armies.  Its been a month in the planning but finally the company has begun to put up publically on their website all of the pro-painted miniatures from all their game systems and ranges that for one reason or another are not shipped out in orders.  See below for the main text and link but this is well worth a look and I myself have picked up half a dozen 28mm Fantasy Orcs for DarkeStorme.

When the armies of the gaming table are not in conflict it is to Master Sergeant Dougie McSwee that they turn to for new uniforms, weapons and a space in the crowded barracks of the wargaming universe. For you and I this means a break from battle and a chance to plan some new recruits to your miniature forces. There are few better places to get these reinforcements than here. Here at Dougies Depot Pro-Painted, White Metal, Fully Based and ready to play 28mm scale miniatures from Alternative Armies are presented for inspection in a different way.

Dougies Depot is our place for end of run production, over stocks, cancelled orders and other reasons that result in painted miniatures produced by hand here in Scotland and finished to the highest wargaming standard being left in our crowded warehouse. So Dougie has here a listing of all these miniatures, each with his coding structure (though you will doubtless recognise these fine little fellows from our ranges) for you to dig through and choose from at your leisure. We cannot say for sure what will appear here, only that it will be items listed elsewhere on this website as part of packs or larger codes and that what you see is what you get.

Miniatures, packs even full unit codes for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, High Fantasy, Frontear, Erin, Ion Age and more. 

With a special 'Depot' saving minimum of ten percent off the regular list price each infantry miniature is only £3.60 and that includes the metal miniature,the base, the hand painting, sculpted basing effect and secure packaging straight to you.

Oh and any discount code you have from us CAN be used ON TOP of Dougies Depot discount here!

Go on...have a dig on Dougie!

Magnum Orcus 2010 - Twenty Copies for sale now

Magnum Orcus book 2010 - Incorrect Print Run copy
In early december 2010 the print run of the annual Magnum Orcus book arrived with Alternative Armies. With only TWENTY copies being printed it is a real rarity and has never been offered to the public for purchase, instead being internal use only for the company.

However the initial run of twenty copies contained an ERROR, that being the inside rear page is incorrect. But otherwise the 56pp book is perfect. Another print run was ordered and sent out as is traditional.

Now though with the agreement of the artist we can offer YOU the chance to purchase one of the incorrect print run copies for yourself. If you are happy to pay £10.00 for a little piece of history and don't mind an incorrect page (it shows 2009's back page if you are interested) then get one today.

There are only twenty copies and they will be sold first come first served...and no we will not reserve one for you, its not fair on others.

(Outer pages colour, mono inner)
All Artwork plus commentary for 2010 by Edward Jackson and Gavin Syme.
Price: £10.00

Alternative Armies Festive Raffle Extended!

Hello Everyone,

The Alternative Armies festive raffle and promotional miniature offer has been extended due to the the extreme weather in December and the two week backlog of orders the company currently has to clear.

The Raffle was due to end on the 6th January 2011 but will now end on 31st January 2011.

For full details of the raffle, the prizes, the free miniature and so on see this POST on the blog.

Go HERE for the Raffle on the Alternative Armies site.