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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Price Increases at Alternative Armies and

Royal Bank of Scotland £100 note

Hello Everyone,

It is with a heavy hear that I must report news that Alternative Armies and will be raising their prices for the first time in three years as of the 6th March 2011.

In the time that has since past raw materials and other costs along with global currency changes have had a dramatic effect upon the company.  We will be re-pricing by around 15% on most ranges at Alternative Armies and 10% on most ranges at  We tell you this as those of you who are Notables and view our blogs are our most loyal customers.   
If you wish to place an order at our current prices please do so this week.

We did not want to have to put up prices and have managed to avoid it on paper products but with metal tripling in price in the last six months alone we have little choice and we will remain competitive and our excellent customer service will remain in place!

Thanks for reading!
Gavin Syme


  1. Don't worry - I am still with you :)

  2. I didn't know that you could get a £100 Scottish bank note....

    ....That's one hell of a lot of fried Mars Bars!



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