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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Green Knight - A DarkeStorme scenario for Barking Irons magazine

Hello Barking Irons fans,

This evening I have been working on a scenario for inclusion in a future issue of the Barking Irons magazine for the DarkeStorme high fantasy gaming system.

Its a scenario that features the infamous Green Knight (he of the Arthurian legend) and an unforunate travelling band of Elvish mercenaries who come across him in the woods at night. After refusing his challenge to single combat they attack him and well...he is somewhat hard to kill.

The full scenario is the first one made up using the new version of the game and its working well. For a player more used to Flintloque and its D10 mechanics, the D6 mechanic is a change but for me a welcome one (having been working on something for Mr Hobbs which will also see the mag in BI No 3). When it makes print the scenario will have rules for night fighting and also how to deal with an unkillable enemy.

The pictured Green Knight on his horse is from my own collection and is featured in the forth coming book.

For those who are interested the Green Knight mounted and on foot can be found here on the Alternative Armies site. Great value and very useful.

More on DarkeStorme in Issue 2 of the magazine and also in the upcoming 'Inside the Alternative' column on Orcs in the Webbe.




  1. Very nice, I am looking forward to Darkstorme's rerelease.
    Very nice paintjob too Gavin.


  2. Hello Rob,

    Cheers. Must admit that I Photo Shopped it a far more than AA policy permits, but its me own.

    Not so much a re-release, more of a change of format, apperance and new print run. The solid D6 mechanics remain the same.



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