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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Inside the Alternative 5 - sent to Orcs in the Webbe

Hello Everyone,

The text for 'Inside the Alternative No 5' the regular intervew between myself and Craig Andrews at Orcs in the Webbe has now been sent it. The column will appear soon on the OITW site.

As my previous posting said the subject of ITA5 is DarkeStorme the high fantasy skirmish game set in the World of Valon which is about be to released for pre-order in a new improved format.

Its a long column this time packed with information on the game, the mechanics of the game, the background and more. Plus some additional questions about the Dracci, the possibility of a cross over Darke Age into Flintloque title and the relationship DarkeStorme has to Dresda the very first Darke Age skirmish game from Alternative Armies.

Its a good read and you will enjoy it so look out for the update.

Go HERE for Orcs in the Webbe.



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