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Monday, 8 March 2010

Preparing the 'Inside the Alternative' Column No 5

Hello Everyone,

Its that time of the month again for me. The whips crack and the gears of war strain and heave...and that is just me getting into my chair! That task master Craig Andrews over at has twisted my hairy arm into another column for his most excellent site.

While I cannot give too much away I can give an idea of what the column will be on this time. To put it in short its on 'DarkeStorme the Skirmish'. Alternative Armies very own and most awesome high fantasy gaming system for both 28mm scale and 15mm scale miniatures.

Our green friend above was rendered by the Boy of Bronze, one Andy Gorman, a name you will all become more familiar with in the coming months. An angry sod and no doubt (not the Boy of Bronze of course...the Orc!).

He forms part of the new cover art for the next imprint of the game book which will be talked about in Inside the Alternative. Craig has asked me to give you all the low down on the game, its relationship to Flintloque and Valon and also what it holds for everyone's favourite destroyers the Dracci. Plus what changes the new imprint will bring to the game and when it will be coming out.

Look for the column later this month.....



  1. Hey Gavin

    WHOO! Darkstorme!
    I'd love to be part of this project! Better start painting up my minis!

    The artist has done an excellent job. I must question why this orc has green skin, everyone knows orcs have buff skin! haha!

    Now I'm at loggerheads on how to paint mine!

    So, out comes the dresda models I've had tucked away for yonks!


  2. Just did a search for the artist in name, can't seem to find anything!


  3. Hi Rob,

    It is I, the artist in wont find much about me as I am not famous.....yet :) My past credits are the Stalingrad suppliment for Flames of War, and a few lesser known publications like Battle Standard Ancients rules. After that a few local (NZ based), books and now AA.

    The reason I painted him green was to differentiate between the Valon era Orcs and the fantasy Orcs. I had a long conversation with Gavin over this and we came to a as Gavin says!

    Anyways....better get back to drawing....have deadlines now. Thanks for looking :)


    Andy (the supposed boy of bronze...)

  4. Cor blimey, Our Gavin! Can't stop him! Maniacal overlord and a half! haha!

    No he's a joy to work with really.

    Perhaps the Orcs lost their green pigment during the annulment of Magick? I know Master Blease prefers orcs of the green assortment. An argument he used to have with Mac quite a lot I believe. Don't quote me on that!

    Artist interpretation though eh! Consider all the painting in cathedrals. There would be an artist and a theologian. The Theologist would tell the artist where to put the cherubs, the artist would realise that would look crap. The Theologian forgot where he said and just assumed they were in the right place and said they were good!!!


    I look forward to seeing the full image.


  5. You've all got it wrong (including Gavin) Orcs should be GREY.


  6. Hello Rob and Tony,

    The traditional arguement (sorry animated discussion) about the colouration of Orcs continues on. Essentially Andy and I agreed that in terms of High Fantasy we would go for Green, Valon in terms of Flintloque is Tan / Brown. Grey is good, perhaps in the future.

    Keeps the game systems and the backgrounds apart in the gaming worlds.

    Any who argue face re-animation as a Zombie!


  7. What about ZOMBIE orcs?



  8. Hi everyone,

    hmmm, zombie orc huh? I would say it would have to be a green / grey colour...something like the cockpit colour of a British fighter circa WW2.

    Gavin is a great guy and I support him in all his decisions. Its on fair really as he took me in and let me draw pictures for his beloved magazines. To that I say thankyou.

    Now, get back to painting you lot!!!!


    Bronzo the slightly Sigificant

  9. We have some Zombie Orcs at Alternative Armies which will feature in the DarkeStorme line up.

    Can get images if anyone wants to see them.



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