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Saturday, 27 March 2010

The latest on Grapeshotte 3rd edition

Hello Barking Irons fans,

The month of releases and promotions on the build up to Salute 2010 is now underway with the announcement of the 15% off all orders on Alternative Armies and's websites and the pre-order release of DarkeStorme the Skirmish (see previous posts for these). There is a lot to come yet but here is some news on the next Flintloque 3rd edition book.

Grapeshotte 3rd edition is the first Expansion Book for Flintloque which adds to the two published game books War in Catalucia and Death in the Snow. Grapeshotte adds the science and mechanics of all kinds of artillery, plus siege warfare, as well as a huge armoury of Valon detailing all the weapons from largest to smallest used by every army in the game world. Plus it has some small Sterling expansion articles including Vehicles in Flintloque and Faith in Flintloque to name two.

The mechanics were tested by the Notables Yahoo Group as well as the inhouse AA team back in December to February of this year.

I can tell you that Alternative Armies is aiming to have Grapeshotte at Salute 2010 for its day of release. In the next couple of weeks more news will be coming about this.

What I can say is that the draft of the book is looking great and the artillery rules are spot on for expanding your games of Flintloque.

Oh and yes, Carcass Dodo's are in the book!



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  1. ARGH!!!

    Can't wait! I HOPE it is out for Salute, that would be excellent!!!



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