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Saturday, 10 April 2010

5027 Grapeshotte 3rd edition - Barking Irons Blog Exclusive

Hello Everyone,

Its a lovely warm and sunny day here in Joccia (that's Scotland to all those not in the know for Valonian locale) and what better time to put up this special posting on the brand new 5027 Flintloque 3rd edition - Grapeshotte book which has just been released for pre-order.

This is the third book for the new edition of Flintloque and its a cracker...well it goes with an almighty bang and that is for sure! An expansion book which goes with any of the other game books for Flintloque, Grapeshotte introduces Artillery, Siege Rules, The Armoury of Valon and Sterling Appendices too. All in ninety six packed pages. Plus of course the fold out, pull out colour templates for shelle bursts and triangle caseshotte template sheets. If you love Flintloque you will want a dose of Grapeshotte...

I present to you here THREE hi-rez fully readable and download pages from the new book. You will not be able to get these anywhere else. Click on them and have a read...makes you want the whole thing!

For all the information on the book you will want to visit this link on the Alternative Armies website which will give you more images, full contents listing and more. LINK Remember you can get 15% off the price with the Salute offer. See the site for details.

Also you can read about the theory behind the game in the special Orcs in the Webbe interview about the game. Have a read.

See you at Salute. Gavin.

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