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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Raylen Durandus - Promo2009 - Secret 50 for Salute

Hello Everyone,

I am planning on a series of interesting postings here on the blog for you all (you most careful and dedicated of our audience who visit this blog) to get more information, images and hot news which will not be posted up ANYWHERE else including the Notables Group and the AA and 15mm websites.

This is the first of these postings.
(click on the picture for a very large hi-rez version)

Here you can see the Promo2009 miniature 'Colonel Raylen Durandus' of the Imperial Postal Service. This miniature was give FREE with every order placed over the month of December 2009. One for each order placed and one for an order placed for the new book at that time '5026 Flintloque 3rd edition - Death in the Snow'. You can see it here. LINK

This is an extremely rare miniature with only just under 250 in circulation. It was supplied with a special insert giving background and rules. This insert can be had from Alternative Armies as a PDF or check the Notables Yahoo Group.

I am happy to announce the following one time only special arrangement for Salute 2010 which was taken into account back in December 2009.

I have put aside FIFTY castings, the molds were destroyed in January as promised in the offer, these have been in my desk since then. These fifty Promo2009 miniatures ARE INCLUDED in the total given for the production run listed on the Alternative Armies site (total 296 castings),

I have special authority from Alternative Armies to give out these fifty castings of the miniature, which will never be seen again, in the run up to (and if any remain) on the day of the Salute show.

To get one for free all you need to do is buy a copy of 5026 Flintloque 3rd edition - Death in the Snow. This can be the book on its own, the book as part of an order, or the book as part of the 'Trilogy' three book bundle. You can as normal place more than one order. Remember this is on top of the 15% off you can get with the special code for your Salute order and will be included automatically in your package by me personally.

I am an extremely fair person as a lot of you know. So I have already been assigning these miniatures SINCE the start of the Salute offer period to orders containing a copy of 5026. I will continue to do so until they run out. Feel free to email or comment here and ask how many are left. If they run out I will announce it.

Am I not a great guy...

Happy Gaming.



  1. The featured miniature is very well painted. This has pushed me to start painting my model.


  2. Hello Tony,

    Thanks. I will pass that on to the painter.

    It is a great miniature and very different, for example its only the third in the range to have a grenade launching carbine for its primary weapon.



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