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Friday, 2 April 2010

Thoas now released for Typhon

Hello Everyone,

A new monster for the Typhon range, the game of Greek Mythology in heroic scale from Alternative Armies.

HE10 Thoas the Giant.

Thoas the Giant, once kin to the Titans was cast out into the mortal world where he makes havoc and kills many Heroes who dare to end his reign of terror. An ally of the God Hades he may be included in a Drove of Shades.

If you would like the full profile of Thoas for Typhon please email Alternative Armies directly.
Please note the TY14 miniature is for scale only (it stands 40mm to the eyes) and is not included in the price. Click here for more details

This two part white metal miniature stands 55mm tall when assembled (not counting the arms or raised axe) and is supplied with a round plastic base as pictured.
It is priced at £6.00.

Keep in mind that we are in the midst of the Alternative Armies Salute month of offers. Save 15% off your order. Go to our site for details and the code to use. Also order to be picked up on the day and I will give you your order in person at the stand!

If you have any questions please so drop me a line on

All Hail Zeus!

Gavin Syme


  1. Hey Gavin, looks great! Nice, sharp sculpting. Would be easy to convert. Personally, I would add hair and a bit more bulk to him, but what's nice is that this model seems to allow that.

    It could also be used in fantasy games as a Behemoth, or even a god!


  2. It is a really superb model and goes together smoothly with no evidence of joins. It could be converted easily to a variety of purposes and also for more scales.

    Typhon adheres to the traditional greek mythology of sparse and lean. Creatures such as the Cyclopes are written of as if they were always hungry and mean. Makes you fight all the harder.

    I can see it in DarkeStorme!



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