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Friday, 30 July 2010

LE043 Baron Petrochemicoli - Released!

Hello Barkers,

A big day today. As proffered in the ITA column on Orcs in the Webbe earlier this week today sees the release of the latest limited edition code from Alternative Armies.

LE043 Baron Petrochemicoli
(Limited to 1000 numbered packs - £5.00 inluding plastic base. 28mm white metal)

As you can see he is a hansome beggar and no mistake. CLICK HERE

The Alternative Armies website page for this code has images and also a transcript of the insert for the character giving background, uniform details, Flintloque rules, Slaughterloo rules. Well worth a read.

The Baron is the funder and leader of the excellent Cotechino Guarda. Miniatures for these elite Todoroni are already on general release. See below or CLICK HERE

If you would like to read the OITW column then CLICK HERE for it. Its all about Todoroni.

As always post any comments or email me direct if you want to discuss this posting.

Get your Baron today!



  1. A Great sculpt - one that the sculptor will be very happy with.

    I think you have done a good job on the colour scheme as well!


  2. Hello Tony,

    Thanks. Coming from you that means a lot.



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