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Monday, 12 July 2010

VLE09 Foul Mouth Freddy - Now Released

Hello Everyone,

A treat this time. The latest very limited edition miniature from Alternative Armies, limited to only 250 numbered packs is now released.

VLE09 Foul Mouthed Freddy (1 Orc Sergeant with Bessie Musket and Bayonet)

Here are a couple of images of this miniature of the character created by veteran Flintloque fan Tony Harwood.

You can read all about this character on the Alternative Armies website: HERE

You can see the adventures of Foul Mouth Freddy on Orcs in the Webbe: HERE

You can see Tony Harwoods most excellent blog on Flintloque and other subjects: HERE

Now get yourself out and F**king buy one!


1 comment:

  1. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that even though I've had the Foul Mouth Freddy miniature based for some time, when the news of the official launch came through - I still hadn't got around to painting him, not even started.

    I've used Robs painted FMF on my Blog - this is a superbly painted example of a Flintloque miniature and one that just looks fantastic.

    This evening I have forced myself to start painting FMF - photos up soon. maybe even tomorrow!

    Thanks for all the mentions, like you I hope that he sells well.



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