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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Next Barking Irons Magazine - Delays and Dystopia

Hello Everyone,

Well its overdue but here we are. Barking Irons No 2 is now late for publication and for that I am sorry. Me personally, not the rest of the team, as I am editor of the magazine and it lays at my door to make sure commitments are made. I will not offer excuses but those of you who know me personally will realise that I have been ill and have a rather heavy workload at most times. As BI is a labour of love for me its me own baby as they say.

The magazine will be complete in about a week, its in bits here around me. Plus thanks to those of you who have sent in material for issue number 3 and 4, I fully intend to make use of it as soon as slots open up in the page planner.

By the weekend I will put up a sample page to get you shuffling with excitement. Have a look at these two previous posts and if any of the articles gets your interest post in the comments to this item and I will try and make it one of these pages.

Here are the links to the other blog postings have a look:

Barking Irons No 2 (List of Articles)

Barking Irons No 2 (Cover and upcoming information)

Thanks for reading!

Gavin Syme

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gavin,

    I would suggest that to take the pressure off, you plan to produce Barking Irons as a Quarterly magazine. If you find that you can do this easily - then you can always move back to monthly (bi-monthly).

    I'm looking forward to seeing issue number two and will be working on yet another terrain piece later this month.



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