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Monday, 26 July 2010

Nepolise Dreams on Orcs in the Webbe

Hello Barkers,

A shameless bit of self promotion from me this time and its all about my regular column on the 'Orcs on the Webbe' website.

Orcs on the Webbe is run by the omni talented Mr Craig Andrews a life long die hard fan of the black powder fantasy genre of gaming in which of course the mighty Flintloque stands centre and proud..original and best!

OITW is the place to get tons of free material for black powder gaming including scenarios, articles and much more. New and classic material sits side by side, a labour of love for all to enjoy.

Sat pride of place among all the goodies is the ITA (Inside the Alternative) column written by myself, based on questions asked by Craig that his viewers want answers to. The current ITA column is not the first and a list of the others can be seen on OITW. They are all worth reading and contain info that you might well not see anywhere else.

This time Orcs in the Webbe presents;

Nepolise Dreams!

An indepth look at the Todoroni of Nepolise.
A firm favourite and comedy filled nation in the World of Valon.

Have a Read - HERE

If you have a request for the subject of a furture ITA column then drop Craig a line or email me directly and I will certainly pass it on to him.




  1. I'm looking forward to reading this one tonight!!!!


  2. Enjoy!

    Its a good one.



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