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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dougies Depot now on Alternative Armies

Hello Everyone,
This just in from Alternative Armies.  Its been a month in the planning but finally the company has begun to put up publically on their website all of the pro-painted miniatures from all their game systems and ranges that for one reason or another are not shipped out in orders.  See below for the main text and link but this is well worth a look and I myself have picked up half a dozen 28mm Fantasy Orcs for DarkeStorme.

When the armies of the gaming table are not in conflict it is to Master Sergeant Dougie McSwee that they turn to for new uniforms, weapons and a space in the crowded barracks of the wargaming universe. For you and I this means a break from battle and a chance to plan some new recruits to your miniature forces. There are few better places to get these reinforcements than here. Here at Dougies Depot Pro-Painted, White Metal, Fully Based and ready to play 28mm scale miniatures from Alternative Armies are presented for inspection in a different way.

Dougies Depot is our place for end of run production, over stocks, cancelled orders and other reasons that result in painted miniatures produced by hand here in Scotland and finished to the highest wargaming standard being left in our crowded warehouse. So Dougie has here a listing of all these miniatures, each with his coding structure (though you will doubtless recognise these fine little fellows from our ranges) for you to dig through and choose from at your leisure. We cannot say for sure what will appear here, only that it will be items listed elsewhere on this website as part of packs or larger codes and that what you see is what you get.

Miniatures, packs even full unit codes for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, High Fantasy, Frontear, Erin, Ion Age and more. 

With a special 'Depot' saving minimum of ten percent off the regular list price each infantry miniature is only £3.60 and that includes the metal miniature,the base, the hand painting, sculpted basing effect and secure packaging straight to you.

Oh and any discount code you have from us CAN be used ON TOP of Dougies Depot discount here!

Go on...have a dig on Dougie!

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