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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Magnum Orcus 2010 - Twenty Copies for sale now

Magnum Orcus book 2010 - Incorrect Print Run copy
In early december 2010 the print run of the annual Magnum Orcus book arrived with Alternative Armies. With only TWENTY copies being printed it is a real rarity and has never been offered to the public for purchase, instead being internal use only for the company.

However the initial run of twenty copies contained an ERROR, that being the inside rear page is incorrect. But otherwise the 56pp book is perfect. Another print run was ordered and sent out as is traditional.

Now though with the agreement of the artist we can offer YOU the chance to purchase one of the incorrect print run copies for yourself. If you are happy to pay £10.00 for a little piece of history and don't mind an incorrect page (it shows 2009's back page if you are interested) then get one today.

There are only twenty copies and they will be sold first come first served...and no we will not reserve one for you, its not fair on others.

(Outer pages colour, mono inner)
All Artwork plus commentary for 2010 by Edward Jackson and Gavin Syme.
Price: £10.00


  1. Thanks for the opportunity. I've just ordered a copy.


  2. I was lured along the literary path myself, looking forward to seeing it.


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