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Friday, 14 January 2011

Notables Newspaper Issue 3 - Sells Out

Notables Newspaper Issue 3
Hello Everyone,

Some of you reading this might not know that a few years ago Alternative Armies produced a run of four issues of the 'Notables Newspaper'.  The twenty four page loose leaf fanzine was done in the style of an eighteen century Londinium gentlemans periodical based around the Notables Club.

Given away free with orders over a year the newspaper was very popular and once its run ended it was released for sale at a very reasonable £1.50 an issue.  Packed with scenarios, artwork, background for Flintloque and other games it continues to be ordered to this day by new players and old soaks too.

Sadly the large print run of Issue 3, the last of the four created, has not run out totally.  It is marked as sold out on the website.   Thanks to all who bought it and loved it so.
The other three are still around in limited numbers with Issue 1 being the least left of them.

CLICK HERE to see them all and read about their contents.
Oh, and though the image here does not show it all of the Notables Newspapers were printed on yellowed paper to make them more 'real'!

You could do far worse than having a read of these rapidly becoming collectors items for AA fans.


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