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Friday, 14 January 2011

Free Files Folder now out for USE ME 15mm Fantasy

Hello Everyone,

The extreme winter weather in Scotland, search for it on this blog to see what occurred, meant some delays that Alternative Armies and are only now catching up upon.
One such delayed matter was the folder of free files for:

UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy Rules 

To learn all about this great little system at only £3.50 click HERE.

To go along with the game there is a free folder of files for everyone who wants it.   This folder can be had from the Notables Yahoo Group HERE or by emailing directly HERE and asking for it by reply. 

The folder contains;
An Introduction to UM002
Force Roster Blank - Skirmish
Force Roster Blank - Battle
Free Rosters (Elf and Orc)
Free Starter Scenario
UM002 Counters
UM002 Templates

Get your free folder today!


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