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Monday, 20 December 2010

Alternative Armies and close early for Christmas


Hello Everyone,

Well for the first time ever Alternative Armies and have closed down early for the Christmas break.  As of this morning operations ceased and all package mailing suspended.  The situation will be reviewed day by day and when news comes around I will post it up.
Scotland is in the grip of a 'big freeze' on of the worst I can remember with temperatures this morning a refreshing -15c or 5 degrees Fahrenheit I must say that we cannot work in this temperature and neither it seems can the rest of the country.  The Royal Mail has a huge backlog and packages mailed a week ago are not arriving, so there is little point in sending more until the weather improves.  This is before the vast increase in mail due to the festive season is even taken in to account.

I apologise for this but its best solution for all concerned and if you are in the UK then you will know of the weather issues via the news already.

Alternative Armies and will review their domestic and international freight in a week's time and will contact all affected customers.  In the meantime feel free to contact them via normal email methods heading up the email 'Winter Delay' and they will be happy to reply when they can.

As regards the tragic death of Craig Andrews (he of Orcs in the Webbe fame) father at the weekend all of us here send our best wishes to him and his family at this time and we are thinking of them all fondly.  More news on the OITW Advent Calendar when we hear it.

As regards the Festive Raffle at Alternative Armies and so forth discussions will be held as to possible changes and or expansion of its terms to take the adverse weather into account.  More news on this when its decided.

So Merry Christmas and Wrap up Warm.  

Oh and for those of you who are fans of Flintloque...goodbye from the Witchlands made real!


Gavin Syme. 



  1. Hi Gavin

    I don't blame you one bit, I'm looking out of my computer room window and still the roads are fully covered (between 4 and 6 inches of snow!)

    I feel that I should be modelling or painting figures - this is only one of three days I have off between now and New Years Day, but there's no way I'm venturing out in this weather and with all the painting equipment down the shed - I'm enjoying the warmth of the centrally heated house too much.

    On a serious note - I was very upset to hear of Craig's Father. It seems to be at this time of year these things happen and obviously - The Orcs in the Webbe site will be missed but there are few things in life more important than family. I wish Craig and his family all the very best at this difficult time.

    I'll look out for more positive news after Christmas.

    Have a good one and I hope the weather improves for you very soon.


  2. Hey There Gavin

    I agree, I am at my parents' in Oxfordshire, where the snow has begun to hit hard. I just don't have the energy to do anything, so I can understand you closing early!

    As for the Witchlands comment, I'd start to believe in Steve Blease's ramblings on the Undead starting a war on the living, first off, Joccia!!!


  3. Hello Everyone,

    An update on the weather and normal service.

    Alternative Armies and plan on opening up again on the 28th and on that day dispatching all sitting orders for non UK addresses and as many UK addresses as possible. Those that are not cleared will be cleared in early January.

    Contact us if you need further information via email quoting your order number or reference.

    Additionally the Alternative Armies Festive Raffle will be extended, more details to follow. will also have a New Years promotion, details to follow.

    Many thanks to all for their understanding in these difficult conditions here in Scotland.

    Merry Christmas!

    Gavin Syme.

  4. Hi Gavin

    There is no pressure from me, you can hold back my order until the weather improves.



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