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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Garda Reale de Guinalea - Released!

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while but a lot of postings coming up this week and next so lets get started shall we.  Alternative Armies has just posted up its Winter 2010 offers and releases so I am going to detail them in order...boy is it a bumper crop this year!

54522 Guarda Reale de Guinalea
54046 Guarda Reale Command
54018 Guarda Reale Troopers

The once mighty nation of Catalucia made great use of foreign troops as mercenaries, palace guard and so on. The Bog Orcs of the Garsa Reale de Guinalea were once just ceremonial guards for the royal estates of Fernando but since the wars began in earnest they have taken up their Bessie Muskets and fight for the freedom of their Dark Elf master. They are actually rather good, well compared to the majority of the rabble that is the Catalucian Army. Their two battalions are organised exactly the same way as Dark Elf line regiments.

FLINTLOQUE: Create your section with these miniatures using 5025 War in Catalucia or Flintloque Lite. Troop Type Regular, armed with Bessie Muskets and Bayonet, officers are typically Elves with sword and pistol. Incorporate Skills, Traits, Flaws as normal for Bog Orc characters.

SLAUGHTERLOO STATUS: The Garde Reale are classed as Regular Line Infantry
SLAUGHTERLOO STATISTICS: See Slaughterloo Army Lists.

UNIFORM: The uniform consists of a green tunic, green trousers, black bicorne and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collar, facings) are red. Equipment is black and all straps are white leather.

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