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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Promo2010 Miniature - Free with Any Order from Alternative Armies

The Bombe Bunny: This miniature is the promotional miniature for 2010 from Alternative Armies.

It is supplied for free automatically with any and all orders, one per order placed, during the month of December 2010 until 6th January 2011. The miniature will be supplied unpainted unless the majority of the order placed is for painted codes in which case the miniature will be automatically supplied painted and based.

The Promo 2010 miniature will also be supplied at the rate of one per order for the 5028 Bier & Bones book until its release on 17th February 2011. Note that after 6th January 2011 this will be the ONLY way to get this miniature. The miniature will be supplied bagged with a printed insert detailing its background, special rules and painting guide.  On the 18th February 2011 the mold containing this code will be destroyed making it an extremely rate collectors item much like the 2009 miniature Raylen Durandus the Imperial Messenger.

There is a December festive Flintloque scenario featuring the Bomb Bunny which can be had for free upon email request or from the Notables Yahoo Group as of mid month. The scenario is entitled ‘Powdered Eggs’.

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