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Monday, 27 December 2010

Discuss the Flintloque Campaign book on the Notables Yahoo Group

RTK Concept Art - Edward Jackson
Hello Everyone,

A treat from Alternative Armies in this week between Christmas and New Year.  A chance to have a look at design notes and discuss them for final input to the company on the first in a series of Flintloque the Skirmish dedicated Campaign books.  In this case 5029 Flintloque 3rd Edition - Retreat to Kooruna due in 2011.  

You will need to get along to the Notables Yahoo Group HERE to read message #11940, get the PDF from the group files section and get reading.  Comments are accepted on the group or by direct email to the company headed up 'RTK' so they know what you are on about!

Here is a transcript of the message from the group to fill you in a bit.

Hello Notables,

Go along to the FILES section of the group into the main files folder and scoll down until you reach the PDF titled '5029 RTK Notables' then click on it and have a read.  I would like your input on what is in it and of course all those who contribute will be listed in the book credits for their efforts.

Instructions are in the PDF on how to comment, please follow these and post here on the group.

Quoting from yesterdays message on this:

As you will know after Bier & Bones is released in February the next book is Retreat to Kooruna. The 'RTK' book is the first 'campaign book' for Flintloque 3rd edition and takes the game in a new direction or immersion not seen before. I have spent the last six weeks writing up the existing parts, the narrative, expanding the scenarios, putting solo options in and more. I would like to upload a condensed version of the internal design notes on the book and let you fellows read it and comment.

A lot of the finer tuining in the approach to this book is as a result of what you fellows put to me back in the summer. I would like those who are interested and want a credit in the book as well to have a gander and then post up any comments or questions here on the group or to me directly by email. The final finest tuning as it were to what you chaps would like the book to be.

Thanks in advance for your efforts, this file will be online until the first week of January 2011.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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