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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Festive Raffle 2010 - From Alternative Armies now on!

The Festive Raffle 2010  
Presented by Alternative Armies.....

Tickets supplied with ANY Order at the rate of one per £5.00 spent (or fraction there of) with the winning numbers being drawn, winners contacted and numbers announced here on 6th January 2011.
Remember also that any order placed gains a free Promo2010  miniature as well so its a double win!

All prizes are provided by Alternative Armies and are delivered by 1st class or international mail to the winner free of charge. Winners will be contacted by email using the address given on their qualifying order that produced the tickets.  A record of all ticket numbers is kept by the company.

The Prizes in the Raffle are as follows;  

1st Prize
2nd Prize

Magnum Orcus 2010
 56pp Softcover Book.
A limited run book (20 copies only) of the artwork produced by Mr Edward Jackson during 2010.
A significant prize and collectors item sought after by many Flintloque, Slaughterloo and Firefight 2.0 players.
These are the only two copies being given to the General Public, all others are for internal company use only.

3rd Prize
A Slaughterloo Unit of Von Rotte Line Infantry worth £30.00
Never heard of these Dwarven Infantry miniatures?  
Not a surprise as they will not be released until January 2011.
Twenty Dwarves including Officer, Musician, Standard Bearer and three different poses of troopers.

4th Prize
£20.00 Alternative Armies Gift Voucher
A voucher which can be used for any Alternative Armies products online or by telephone.  
This may include postage.

5th Prize
Choose a Prize!
The winner will be contacted to select their choice of £15.00 worth of Alternative Armies product from our ranges which will then be sent to them post free anywhere in the world.
Choose from, among others...Flintloque, Firefight 2.0, DarkeStorme, High Fantasy and more.

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