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Thursday, 18 November 2010

FREE 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures on

A free pack of HOF57 Starfighter Crew worth £3.50 with any order containing a science fiction item from ranges. That's right ten free miniatures! 

HOF57 Starfighter Crew

 To get a free pack of HOF57 all you need to do is place and pay for an order with them for ANY item or more than one item from the following ranges. (A single book, one miniature, a pack of miniatures, a value pack...anything) 

Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction 
HOF 15mm Science Fiction 
SHM Range 6mm Sci-fi Range 
UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction book 
Laserburn Books will automatically add one pack of HOF57 to every order placed for one or more items from the above list of range and products upon dispatch. They will accept any number of orders from a customer but only one free pack per placed order will be honoured. 

This offer ends on Monday 6th December 2010. 

The Festive Season Starts Right Here!


  1. It is a great little offer. Everyone who uses 15mm sci-fi or wants a copy of USE ME for their own should take advantage of it. HOF57 is a fantastic and different pack, very unique and very useful.




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