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Friday, 27 August 2010

Barking Irons No 3 - Contents List

Hello Barkers!

As promised here is the contents listing for the next issue of the Barking Irons magazine due in September 2010. Have a read and comment by posting on anything that catches your eye.


Barking Irons No 3

In this Issue of Barking Irons......

- Lead Shotte Columns -

News and Glimpse the Future
QA - Got a Question for us? Ask us!

- Features -

The Queene of Battle!
An in depth look at the brand new expansion to Flintloque the Skirmish, 3rd edition Grapeshotte. This article includes information on the expansion and its application to the other Flintloque books as well as the theory behind Grapeshotte. By G. Syme

The Prydian Precinct civil war
Where once accord and peace ruled over a region of space recovered from the old ravages of the Khanate Wars there is now the Prydian civil war. We look at the factions vying for power including the League of Yordan, the League of Canlaster and the broken up Prydian Army. By G.Syme

Larry Ambulance Project
Taking inspiration from the Elf Field Hospital for Flintloque the master terrain and model maker turns his attention to giving Elvish surgeons something a bit more mobile to carry out their bloody work. By T.Harwood

- Adventures -

Checkpoint Charles
A Firefight 2.0 mission with a twist. Retained knights find themselves under fire from enemy Muster at a checkpoint and when more troops arrive for their relief there is a chance they might just switch sides instead of aiding the Retained they might just open fire on them! By G. Rumbles

Gotta Have the Docks for the Box
Welcome to the docks of Pondlerno in Nepolise where a ship bound for the Witchlands has been stopped and its cargo unloaded onto the quay for inspection. While searching boxes is menial work for elite guard Todoroni they are going to need all their skill and the fire power of the naval mortar on the quayside to prevail against what they uncover from the ships hold! A two player scenario for Flintloque. By G.Syme

The Thoas Legend
Thoas the Giant, an ally of Hades, stalks the tiny village of Xlakos intent on murder and pillage for his master. Can Stocos the chosen hero of Zeus defeat him with only his wits and a few warriors for company? A Typhon scenario for two players. By F.Windhem

Swords for Reluctant Hire
On their way to deal with a wayward Wyvern the Dragonslayers are summoned for aid by a chieftain of men who offers them all he has to protect his people from a pack of savage Stasian Dogmen who outnumber them and are baying for blood. Can these veteran fighters prevail? By G.Syme

- Game Articles -

Seven Principles of Flintloque
Part Three of the seven principles discusses building a section, having a battle plan and sticking to it during your games of Flintloque. By M.White.

Children of the Dragons
The Dracci are a unique fantasy race and as such have their own place in the battle of the Age of Might and Steel. Tactics, strengths and weaknesses about in this article for those who field or face these blood red scaly killers.
By S.Hazuka

Its a Weird War for a Second
The 2nd Global War army template for the Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) 15mm science fiction system introduces those inventions and creations that in reality (thankfully!) never left the drawing board of the Axis or the Allies.
By A. Self

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