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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Notables Yahoo Group - New Painting Competition

Hello Everyone,

Something is a foot, or should that be a brush, on the Notables Yahoo Group. This esteemed collection of some four hundred gentleorcs and a few ladyorcs too is setting up a new painting competition.

This will be the third competition run on the group and it concerns the Orcs of Albion, in the World of Valon, setting of Flintloque from Alternative Armies.

The competition concerns the painting of some miniatures for a prize of fame and also a £20.00 voucher from Alternative Armies to the winner.

Entrants have until 31st August to enter officially via the group or email and as long as your entry includes miniatures from pack code 54031 you are free to add to them as you wish.

Alternative Armies is offering a 15% discount to entrants orders which include 54031 until the 31st August. The discount code can be had upon request.

Full details can be found on the Notables Yahoo Group in message 10898#.
Click HERE for this message.

So if you fancy your chances please do read the message and enter the competition today!

The winner will be announced with photos and background for his entry on this very blog.




  1. Sounds great Gavin, I'm looking forward to making my entry!


  2. I am pleased that you have allowed some discretion and extended the entry date up to Monday 3rd October.

    After reading that Rogipoos was attending hospital appointments I had wanted to suggest that the entry date be extended.

    I feel you have done the right thing.



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