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Friday, 13 August 2010

Draccian's released in HOF 15mm sci-fi line!

Hello Barkers!

Wow! New miniatures again from the HOF 15mm science fiction line at

HOF62 Draccian Heavy Weapons

These fierce looking fellows are armed to their sharp teeth and make excellent mercenaries, savage allies, mutants, space lizards and even more for your favourite game systems like Alien Squad Leader. The pack contains ten miniatures in a mix of three poses for only £3.50.

CLICK HERE for more and to get your hands on them. Out Now!

Additionally they are also on sale now as single miniatures in the HOF range. CLICK HERE

These chaps probably eat Octopods for breakfast...raw!




  1. Huzzah !

    The Dracci go Sci-Fi !


  2. Hello Craig,

    Indeed they do! A popular request from 15mm sci-fi players. Just as in fantasy, they are big, tough, bright red and lethal!



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