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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Whyte Revolt - Starts this Friday

Hello Barkers,

This week sees the start of a new page on this blog, see the header of the blog under 'Whyte Revolt', which will give you some free material which could not feature in the Barking Irons magazine. It kicks off with part one this friday, but in the meantime see the page or below for the initial information.

Its gonna be fun...I had a great time writing this material at the same time as Death in the Snow was being created!


The Whyte Revolt

On this page you can find the parts of an adventure arc for Flintloque called ‘The Whyte Revolt’ which was left out of the print edition of the Barking Irons magazine due to space constraints and to make room for other game systems to get their own coverage. This ain’t to say this adventure arc is not as good as the material in print, just that we could not do it justice over the number of issues needed to get it all in print. So to make sure it ain’t wasted we are giving it to you free here on the blog. If you enjoy it let us know and keep in mind there is plenty more in print in the Barking Irons magazine.

The Whyte Revolt is set in the Witchlands region of the World of Valon. It is an adventure arc of several parts including background, character, scenarios and such building up the picture of a very strange and disturbing revolt among the ranks of the re-animated dead against the Dark Czar and his Vampyre nobles. All the while the war against the retreating Grande Armee du Norde continues apace. The Whytes have retained their memories of their once lives and now the Vampyres must be made to pay for their crimes!

We intend to publish parts of the adventure arc in order from first to last at the rate of one every few weeks. We will let you all know when the next part us up on the blog. Now…on with the first!


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