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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Painted High Fantasy range at Alternative Armies

Hello Barkers!

Its a big week for High Fantasy in 28mm scale. In fact they have now fought their way out from under the pile of Barking Irons magazines and Baron Petrochemicoli limited editions to get my attention!

Some of you will be aware that Alternative Armies produces a great deal of top notch painted miniatures every year, all hand painted here in Scotland, covering everything from Flintloque / Slaughterloo miniatures to HOF and HOT 15mm miniatures. These painted miniatures also include High Fantasy in 28mm. Starting this week the company has introduced a brand new system and web page for these painted and based miniatures.

Have a look here for full details of the range, the service and what is on offer.

At only £4.00 a miniature (less if you take the full pack code) you can purchase a full set or multiples or any singles from it. Maximum flexibility. This is a great way to get playing DarkeStorme (see here) or any other system for High Fantasy both wargaming and roleplaying.

The releases have begun with some really spiffing and useful Undead and a couple of Trolls. Here are some pictures to whet your whistle for more! See the site link above for full details of each code.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Everyone,

    In response to those who have asked. The pro-painted section of the AA website will be updated with Orcs, Mountain Orcs and more Undead in the next week to two weeks. This will match up with the High Fantasy section of unpainted packs.



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