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Friday, 13 August 2010

Octopods now on as single miniatures

Hello Everyone,

Some news from The HOF range of 15mm science fiction miniatures has now added to its page containing single miniatures. This page allows you to purchase one miniature at a time for a very reasonable sum allowing tailoring of your forces to exactly what you require.

Now in the single miniatures section are all of the miniatures from the Octopod codes.

HOF53 Octopod Infantry ( 3 Poses)
HOF59 Octopod Command (4 Poses)
HOF60 Octopod Heavy Weapons (3 Poses)
HOF61 Octopod Seer Guard (3 Poses)

A total of 13 different tentacle faced oodness to choose from at only £0.35 each.

CLICK HERE to browse the single miniatures HOF page.

Also see the Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog for an excellent posting on the Octopods with a brilliant colour scheme different to that on CLICK HERE



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