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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mountain Orcs and Orc Artillery at Alternative Armies

Hello Everyone,

Those of you who are eagle eyed might have noticed I am a day late in posting up this news about new miniatures from Alternative Armies in the High Fantasy 28mm range. Well, I have been a bit under the weather and still am to an extent, but hopefully I will be back to normal next week. That aside here is the news!

Alternative Armies have re-released some of the most popular high fantasy codes from their extensive range this week including two packs of hulking Mountain Orcs and my fav the Orc Artillery pack. See images of them below;

95519 Mountain Orcs
Six Large Orcs

This pack contains six different Mountain Orcs to form a warband command along with warriors to command within it. Led by a truly massive warlord this pack also has a wizard, standard bearer, musician, spearman and swordsman too. Each Orc stands 30mm tall. Choosing poses 5 and 6 in multiples allows the creation of larger units of Mountain Orcs when combined with code KC02.

From the left the poses are

Pose 1: 95519-01 Warboss, sperate arm, stands 50mm tall!
Pose 2: 95519-02 Wizard
Pose 3: 95519-03 Standard Bearer with Stone Club
Pose 4: 95519-04 Drummer, spiked helm
Pose 5: 95519-05 Sword, wooden shield, armour
Pose 6: 95519-06 Spear, armour

KC2 Mountain Orcs
Three Large Orcs

This pack contains three different Mountain Orcs in a variety of poses which form a good centre from which to expand your rampaging forces. Each Orc stands 30mm tall.

From the left the poses are

Pose 1: KC02-01 Spiked Club and Shield
Pose 2: KC02-02 Two Handed Spiked Mace
Pose 3: KC03-03 Greatsword and Shield

95522 Orc Artillery
Artillery Piece with Crew

This pack contains two Orc Gunners and a kit for constructing a Bolt Thrower.

From the left the poses are

Pose 1: 95522-01 Officer with Club
Pose 2: 95522-02 Gunner, Bolt
Pose 3: Artillery Piece Kit (Bow and Base)

All the miniatures are supplied with round lipped plastic bases included in the price and as with the rest of the range you can choose to buy the whole pack or single miniatures in any quantity from the pack. So if you want nine Mountain Orcs with Sword and Shield you can have it!

Go here: High Fantasy. Then navigate to Orcish Horde and Mountain Orcs to see the packs.

More releases in this range to come later this month.




  1. Gavin, these are my FAVOURITE AA high fantasy miniatures. I have wanted them ever since AA sent me a few photographs of their miniatures when I wrote to Oswald Pebblekettle at a mere 8 or 9 years of age!
    I will definately have to get a set of the Mountain orcs.

  2. They really are superb miniatures and are among the most requested on the list for re-release.

    Drop me a line and I will see what I can do for you young man.



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