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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

28mm High Fantasy - Legions of the Dead

Brains...want fresh Brains!

Well that's enough about my own burnout for today at least ( joke!) but this week at Alternative Armies its all about the Undead with codes released into the High Fantasy range which is excellent for players of DarkeStorme and all other 28mm scale fantasy systems.

Legions of the Dead

VNT10 Zombies.
A great pack of useful poses to build up a horde of the living dead.

Above is code VNT11 Zombies II.
A second pack of the shambling dead which adds even more poses to your legions.

The Eternal Guard code VNT12.

An Undead Mage, Skeletal Champion and Zombie standard and musician

VNT13 Skeletal Warriors.

The core of any warband or battle unit of skeletons.

VNT14 Skeleton Archers.

Put some extra holes in the enemy with these bone bowcasters!

VNT15 Skeleton Polearms.

Spears, Axes and attitude; these lads have them all!

VNT16 Skeleton Command.

Perfect for leading any group of the above miniatures into battle.

All of these packs are £8.00 (for five) or £6.00 (for four) or just £1.75 each because of course with this range you can choose to buy the whole pack or any amount of any of the poses from it; total flexibility (unlike the Undead!) for you to choose from. All the miniatures are supplied with a plastic round base included.

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