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Friday, 3 September 2010

Lesser Goblins now in 28mm High Fantasy range

Hello Barkers,

Its been a wait of two weeks for some of us but the brilliant KC1 Lesser Goblins pack is now on the Alternative Armies website and is out to buy! Click on the image above to make it larger.

The pack contains eleven little goblinoids armed with a mix of sword, sword and shield or spear and what is great is that there is a whole host of different poses meaning almost all of them are different! Each stands approx 12mm in height making them knee height on the fearsome Mountain Orcs in pack code KC2.

These miniatures have been off the market for many years and are fondly remembered by a lot of wargamers who have been customers of Alternative Armies since the 1990's.

Your Orcish army needs a horde of these little blighters as fodder for Elven or Human troops and at only £6.00 a pack they are super value.

You can see them HERE.



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