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Monday, 13 September 2010

USE ME 15mm Sci-Fi System – Released Later this week

Hello Barkers,

Latest intel from just in this Monday morning is that the USE ME game engine series will be beginning with the following title released later this very week.

UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction
(£3.50, A6 Format, 32pp, Colour Covers, IBSN + Barcode)

There are many systems on the market for 15mm science fiction wargames all with a lot to offer but this little fellow offers you something that is rare these days. That is a fun, fast, easy system which is totally generic. In a size that will fit in your pocket, at a price which is extremely affordable. Not only rules for the game but also linkage mechanics and full campaign mechanics too.

Look to THIS posting from back in July here on the BI Blog for more on the origins of USE ME.

Using only 1D6 and capable of fielding any troops the engine in this game is very robust and suitable for 8-80 year olds, but its mainly aimed at gamers who want to play anything from a skirmish with ten a side to a full battle in 15mm scale in anything from five minutes to an hour.

The book will be going on sale at on Thursday 16th September 2010 and around that time I will be putting up a full posting looking at the contents of the book and some looks at pages along with telling you just what you will get from this pocket sized fighter.

Thanks for Reading!



  1. I look forward to trying these out. Is this what happened to the HOF Fire-Team rules that we playtested earlier this year, or is this a completely different system?


  2. Hello Basement Gaming Bunker,

    I am sure you will like what you get with USE ME.

    It is not the same system as HOF Fire Team, its totally different in its intent, size of games, playing style and more. Both use the same scale of miniatures though on single bases.

    HOF Fire-Team is awaiting final rendering and proof reading and is in the que for release. We are really grateful to all of those who tried it out for us on the Yahoo Group earlier this year.

    Look for HOF FT in the future on this blog and on the Notables Yahoo Group and of course its own Yahoo Group.

    Thanks for your comment.



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