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Friday, 3 September 2010

Painted Releases from Alternative Armies

Hello Barkers,

Its friday once more and this time we have a couple of postings but first up is the second lot of pro-painted fantasy releases in 28mm scale from Alternative Armies. Its a real treat this time as we can see some of the last lot of 28mm fantasy releases now as finished miniatures for use right onto the table out of the box they come in!

As always you can learn more on the Alternative Armies website by clicking HERE and then browsing the sub-sections by racial type.

Below are images, click on them to make them larger along with the codes and titles. At an average of only £4.00 per miniature (that includes not only the casting itself but also the painting, the base and the sculpted basing effect as well) these are superb value and adorn my own gaming table at home (three small children prevent much painting!).

As before you can buy the whole pack or select singles in any quantity from it. This is very useful as it allows you (or me in this case) to get one pack of 95519 Mountain Orcs and then to add eight more mixed of the Sword and Spear armed warriors in that code to make up a full warband for DarkeStorme.

95522 Orc Artillery (3)

95519 Mountain Orcs (6)

KC2 Mountain Orcs (3)

KC1 Lesser Goblins (11)

Thanks for looking.


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