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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Dead Walk - Latest Painted Miniatures!

Hello Barkers,

Just out now on the Alternative Armies website are the latest additions to the Pro-Painted ranges in 28mm scale High Fantasy miniatures. For use with DarkeStorme or with any other fantasy wargame or roleplay system these miniatures are excellent value and really useful.

This time is the turn of the Zombies...arrgh, moan, shuffle...bite!

Above you can see two sets of Zombies in classic poses, shuffling, moaning and ready for endless war. Also the bottom image shows an Eternal Guard command set which has an Undead Mage, a Skeletal Champion and Zombie command figures. Very useful sets these.

Each of these packs can be bought as a complete set or you can select any miniature from them and order it as a single or in any amount you wish. At only £4.00 each or five for £18.00 they are super (the price includes not only the metal casting at £1.75 but also the plastic base and the paint job and the sculpted basing effect too!) and I am considering a warband for DarkeStorme this month as I have little time for painting at present.

CLICK HERE to go to the page and check them out.

Thanks for reading!


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