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Friday, 3 September 2010

Introducing a new Barking Irons writer

Hello Everyone,

The next issue of the Barking Irons magazine (BI No 3) will see the first article in print written by Mr Gregory Rumbles of Nevada, USA. He joins our esteemed ranks with some science fiction missions for Firefight 2.0, Alternative Armies 28mm system set in the Ion Age.

With a real feel for the mechanics of the unique Firefight 2.0 game Mr Rumbles has beaten several other contributors into print for the game with a series of loosely linked missions set in the streets of Zone 17 on wartorn Bosworth IV. Each of the missions can be played on its own or linked up into a campaign.

Each of Greg's missions features a moral or political choice to be made by the players which sets these missions apart from the more standard fare already out for Firefight 2.0. Will squads switch sides, can buildings be demolished in play, are the vaults of future banks secure? All this and more.

So look out for 'Check Point Charles' in the next issue of the magazine!


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