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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

USE ME - Folder of Free Files this Friday!

Hello Everyone,

With sales of the brand new USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rule system growing by the day (thank you all for your kind words about my work!) over at they have been collecting names and email addresses for the ZIP folder of free files promised in the booklet and online.

I have been informed that they have cleared their server so that the mailing out the zip folder to those who asked for it can commence from Thursday morning of this week and that by Friday all direct emails to will have been answered.

Additionally the USE ME free folder will be posted up onto the Notables Yahoo Group on Friday where it can be downloaded for free anytime. This yahoo group is now also the place to ask the writer of the rules any questions you might have in your games using the rules.

If demand asks for it there may well be additional scenarios and optional rules placed in the Barking Irons magazine or even for free on the Notables Group or here.

For more information on the game system CLICK HERE.

To view and apply to join the Notables Yahoo Group CLICK HERE.



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