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Monday, 11 October 2010

AAR on USE ME on Kings Sleep Blog!

Hello Everyone,

Latest news in from, another excellent look at the USE ME 15mm science fiction game system, this time on the Kings Sleep wargame blog run by Andrew a fan of the game and 15mm sci-fi in general.

This After Action Report focuses on the use of the USE ME rules onboard a spaceship called the Titan which is mapped out in a one inch square grid. That's right USE ME played as a skirmish on a grid on a spaceship...far out...but did it work?

The answer is yes and in a detailed turn by turn account along with some great pictures of the game Andrew takes us all through the action ending by saying; 'Buy These Rules, they are fun!'.

You can read all about it HERE on the Kings Sleep blog and also checkout the posting before that one for an account of building the Titan spaceship.

Thanks for Reading.


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