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Friday, 29 October 2010

SHM 15mm Sci-Fi Releases at

Hello Sci-Fi Fans!

The brand new SHM 15mm Range at has some goodies for fans of 15mm scale science fiction wargaming, for those who play Alien Squad Leader 2.0 or USE ME 15mm Science Fiction.  You can find all of the miniatures in this posting HERE for sale as singles allowing you to tailor your forces to your exact gaming needs.

Here we are going to look at half of the new SHM releases with the other half in another following posting. 

SHM01 Snake Alien with Energy Pistol
SHM02 Human Bounty Hunter with Pistol
SHM08 Young Wilthingian

SHM09 Wilthingian with Heavy Energy Rifle
These miniatures were designed by Steve Hazuka and painted by Mark Taylor.

Thanks for reading!



  1. The Bounty Hunter looks good - I'll probably buy him as a representation of a Traveller NPC in my next order from

  2. Its a nice little miniature with a wide variety of applications. In a short game of USE ME 15mm sci-fi last week I had him chasing the Snake Alien and his Wilthingian bodyguard across the table to capture him for the bounty.


  3. Snake is cute! Want him... I dont know why, but its look more like "her". So I will use it as female alien :)

  4. Hummm...

    The snake alien may well be female if that is what you want. I just wanted it painted up in bright colours...too much drab camo these days and the cyborgs are really black, good contrast.


  5. The funny thing about camo in sci-fi:
    Mose of 1980-1990 sci-fi is World War 2 with lasers (thanx to StarWars), most of modern sci-fi is Modern Warfare with lasers (they use similar tactics and units. It is common to see and army where tanks look like floating m1 abrams, APC have similar characteristics to Bradley but with laser guns). So it is assumable that weapon accuracy is close to WW2 or modern era guns. That means you will LOOSE without protective colours (Russo-Japanese war and World War 1 proved that if you were bright colours you are dead meat).
    So some sc-fi units use camo colours wich is realistical. But other such Star Wars, Halo and Mass Effect use bright colours even for assasins. This is ridiculos, but more beautiful than protetive colours.... So there will always be a dilema wich colours to use for figures.


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