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Monday, 18 October 2010

Work underway on USE ME 15mm Fantasy system

Hello Barkers,

I can now confirm that work is well underway on the second title in the USE ME (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements) series of rule sets.  Following up on the success and acceptance of UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rules is developing; USE ME 15mm Fantasy.

Based on the core mechanics of the science fiction version of USE ME the Fantasy version will be able to cover Skirmishes, Battles, Campaign and Solo play.  Using a variation on the mechanic to combine single characters up into formations of ten to fifty miniatures.   Also included will be magic, monsters, titans, artillery, healers, heroes and much more.
We promise that this version of the USE ME mechanic will entertain and give fantasy players a very versitile system that can cover anything from five a side fist fights to several hundred a side pitched battles.

More information is to come and internal playtesting is about to begin.
(Above you can see HOT91 Orc Command, view it HERE )

If you are interested in getting more information about this set of rules please email Alexander Scott HERE and ask to be put on the 'USE ME 15mm Fantasy list' and he will do the rest for you.
Thanks for reading.
Gavin Syme.

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