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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Winner for the Notables 3rd Painting Competition!

Hello Barkers,

Last night the week long poll on the Notables Yahoo Group ended with a winner being decided by common vote among group members in the 3rd Notables Flintloque painting competition.

With 60% of the vote entry number five was triumphant and that entry belonged to long time Flintloque fan Mr Tony Harwood from England.  Here is a picture of his winning entry.

Mr Harwood gets the glory, the fame and a prize for his efforts.

A special mention to the other four entrants, well done on your own efforts too.  Better luck next time.

You can read more about the winning entry on Mr Harwood's own blog HERE.




  1. Hi Gavin,

    I've already posted on the Notables Yahoo Group pages - but wanted to say that I do intend putting a short 'how-I-did-it' article (with photos) about the conversions.

    Expect it within the week.

    Thanks to AA for running the competition, I'm just sorry that there were not more entrants - I hope you sold enough Fencibles to make it worth while!


  2. Hello Tony,

    Anything that amuses the loyal Flintloque fans of the world is worth my time. The odd thing is we for sure had orders from more than fifteen notables with Fencibles in it, that only turned into four entries! The real world must have interfered.

    I look forward to the article when you are ready.



  3. Hello Gavin

    Tony did very, very well and I really encourage you to ask him, nay, bully him into making a set available for sale! I would love to have a set myself.
    I particularly like Frazier and Mainwairing.


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