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Sunday, 3 October 2010

USE ME reviews on respected 15mm sci-fi blogs!

Hello Everyone,

At the tail end of this week as the packages containing copies of the most excellent USE ME 15mm Science Fiction game system were being opened and read by players all over the world I was contacted by two great guys concerning reviews of the game on their own blogs.

I love to read independent reviews of game systems by those who know and love their scales and genre's of wargaming. The Orky 15mm sci-fi blog and Basement Gaming Bunker blog are two such places where chaps who know their stuff give an honest and worth reading opinion on my 'baby' as it were.

I would like to share those reviews with all of you. Below are two links to follow for the reviews.

The Orky 15mm SF Blog

Basement Gaming Bunker Blog

If you would like to know more about USE ME then CLICK HERE

Additionally I am well up for doing more additional FREE material for USE ME to add in extra optional elements in play as some are suggesting. Look to the Notables Yahoo Group for this and of course if you want in just apply or email me direct or post in the comments of this posting.

See you at the Front!



  1. Hey Gavin

    some very useful reviews there. Are there any plans to 'Fix close combat'? I might give this game a few goes, see how it works for myself and try and work something out. That is, unless you do it first! (Which you probably will!).

  2. Rob, I've already posted some partial house-rules on the Notables mailing-list about creating melee-only characters. I'll repost it here for your convenience:

    "My idea is to make melee-only characters cost only 50% the normal point cost, but lack a ranged attack. Additionally, I'd add a normal melee weapon (cost 0) which attacks in melee like standard infantry, a vicious melee weapon (think of an alien's claws) which attacks in melee like a crew-served melee weapon and costs 4 points, and a beast melee weapon which attacks like a vehicle automatic weapon and costs 5 points (and is only available to vehicle-scale critters)."

  3. melee only (bugs, lizards, etc.) could be created using the rules as is without a range option by giving them the option to move as a vehicle, armored as infantry or vehicle, and charge half price for the weapon type to figure the penetration values. the biggest issue is determining the elan for them. for non-sentiant i'ld like to see a max elan of 4


  4. Hello Rob,

    I assume by 'fix' you mean expand as no one said it was broken you little scamp! Yes, I am working on add on mechanics for many topics inside the game which will be posted up for free here on the Notables Yahoo Group too.

    Hello Omer,

    That is an interesting idea. I will have a think on it.

    Hello Kurt,

    I am working on add on mechanics for HIVE MIND to add Bugs and non sentient aliens to the USE ME game.

    Thanks all,



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