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Friday, 29 October 2010

SHM 15mm Cyborg Enslavers at

Hello Everyone,

In this second posting about the first nine miniatures in the SHM 15mm range we are looking at the brand new Cyborg Enslavers.  These machine filled humans are perfect for the Cyborg Enslavers in Alien Squad Leader 2.0 or as foes in your games of USE ME 15mm Science Fiction.

Half man and half machine these drones do the bidding of the machine masters, the queen of the hive, the controller of the souless cybermind....
SHM Cyborg Enslavers - Group Picture
There are several codes for these miniatures and each can be bought as singles HERE priced at £0.35 each.

Here are some single images of the miniatures. 

SHM03 Cyborg Enslaver

SHM04 Cyborg Enslaver

SHM05 Cyborg Enslaver

SHM06 Cyborg Enslaver in Power Armour

SHM07 Cyborg Enslaver with Support Weapon

These designs are by Steve Hazuka and were painted by Mark Taylor.
Thanks for reading,



  1. These remind me of the old, but excellent, System Shock computer game. I'll definitely buy a pack of them once I'll order some Automatons - the Automaton army will use these Cyborgs as cannon-fodder and the actual Automatons as heavy infantry...

  2. Hello Omer,

    Nice idea! I can picture it in my minds eye.


  3. BORGS!!!! Want them!

    By the way is there any Mark Taylor gallery? I mean I really like his stile of miniature painting! I saw some of minis painted by him for Saintles Steel Rat game on 15mm sci-fi yahoo group.

  4. Yes. Mark Taylor is a fantastic painter and he has a site of his own which you can see here:

    Enjoy his work, he does wonders with paint.


  5. I am awaiting to see how he will paint my Martians, Gecko, Thing from Abyss and Floater :) :) :)
    Well, I hopw he'll paint them :)

  6. By the way, Gavin, have you recieved my parcel? Alexander Scot told me that its arrived and you will open it when you will be in office.

  7. Hi There,

    Yes the package is here. I will email you at the start of the week about it.




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