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Friday, 29 October 2010

The SHM 15mm Range Launched at

Hello Everyone!

Latest news from is that the rumoured SHM 15mm Range is now a reality with the first nine miniatures now online in their own section of that great website for wargamers.  What is the SHM range you ask, well let me tell you.

Every now and again an aspiring designer will come along to Alternative Armies or and ask if they can have a commission for some new designs.  Often the answer is no, simply because of resources, schedules and other commitments.  Those who know will realise though that AA and do their best to give new talent a chance and will often commission designs for their ranges knowing the miniatures may not  be best sellers.  This is done to give new talent a chance and to get these novice designers some experience. 

However lately, in 2010, its come to the attention of that something more was needed and this is the SHM range.  ANY aspiring sculptor can send in 'greens' and once enough are collected they will get master molded and assuming all is well they will be released.  This gives designers and their often unusual designs a chance to reach the wider wargame market at no cost to themselves (and net a bag of their miniatures for free too!).

The first nine designs in this range are now online and will be shortly detailed here on the blog.  You can see them all HERE.  Or go directly to and choose the SHM Range button on the left.  Single minatures at £0.35 each or more (if larger or more complex).  

Have a look, you just might like this new talent which has been given a chance which many other makers simply will not give.

If you are an aspiring designer looking for an opening into the market then drop them a line HERE and ask about the SHM range.

Thanks for reading.


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