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Friday, 14 May 2010

Murder at Instadde - DarkeStorme Scenario Bundle

Hello Everyone,

Alternative Armies have just uploaded a new DarkeStorme scenario bundle for use with the game. Called 'Murder at Instadde' this bundle contains eighteen miniatures with bases along with TWO paper scenarios; these being 'Murder at Instadde' and also 'Night at Instadde'. This second scenario is only supplied with the bundle upon purchase.

Its great value with £30.00 worth of product at only £25.00 a great saving on already good prices.

The eighteen miniatures are ten Dwarves and eight Orcs and make a fine core to any fantasy collection. Plus keep in mind the 10% off code ( 1991 ) is still in effect and can be used on this bundle.

Go here to see and learn more: CLICK

Additionally the first scenario from the bundle is here below. Three pages. All you need to do is click on each image, save it, then open a normal blank document (word or open office etc) and drop the image on to a page each and print. Enjoy...Murder at Innstatte!


  1. That looks great. Might have to give it a go.
    Darkestorme looks very promising and may quickly become my favourite fantasy game.

    I'm seriously considering selling off my WFB stuff to fund it too...


  2. Hello Rob,

    Its an excellent offer and the scenarios are good fun and a good intro into the game for players.

    Your choice of action meets no complaint from me!



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